Hip-Hop, Rap | Devin Miles – Sundress

Posted by on July 25, 2013

I think most guys can agree that there isn’t much better than a hot summer’s day with plenty of beautiful women in sundresses. Devin Miles seems to share that sentiment and has released a song paying homage to the spectacle of the sundress. The sunny months may seem like they’re running short, but a song like this will make you think they lasts for eternity. Ricquo Jones plays us the soft and sweet sounds of summer while Devin’s vocals compliment so perfectly.

Don’t think too much about going back to school, having to go work, or anything really. Just sit back, grab a lemonade and let the song take you away.

Progressive House | Pressure Cooker Feat Ryan Ellingson – Only You (Stereoshock Remix)

Posted by on July 7, 2013



Having listened to this song for a few days now, I can tell you that Stereoshock’s productions just keep getting better and better. I was a big fan of his “Trembling Hands” remix and was curious how he’d follow up to it. He did so terrifically with his own spin on Pressure Cooker’s “Only You”. The theme of this remix is a lot different than his previous, however. With the clicking of camera’s, chirping of seagulls, and subtle effects such as the breaking of glass or falling of rain, the summer theme is very apparent and well represented. He said that his goal was to “compliment the emotions of the protagonist with vivid imagery of a summertime romance” and while I don’t know anything about romance, the imagery of summertime is definitely there. Everything about this track from the vocals of Ryan Ellingson to the natural beach sounds is superb. Stereoshock keeps improving and he’ll soon be releasing his first original, which is already shaping up to be great.

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 Free Download: Pressure Cooker Feat Ryan Ellingson – Only You (Stereoshock Remix)

Hip-Hop, Videos | Doley Bernays Ft. Denzil Porter – Raise Your Weapon

Posted by on April 17, 2013

I am getting tired of frat rap. It’s not that I don’t respect what all the frat rappers are doing but it is the guys and gals that spit verses that reflect the hard knocks of life that really speak to me. It shouldn’t matter if you come from the hood or the laxed suburbs, life isn’t easy for most of us. MTV happened to premiere this video a few days ago and I can see why. Life is about the fight, Doley Bernays and Denzil Porter speak that truth. With all this Will.I.Am drama going around, I hope that Deadmau5 can see that his samples used on this track are no insult but rather a compliment to his incredible original production. “Raise your Weapon” is off of Doley Bernays’ latest mixtape “Wrong Turn Into Yesterday.”

Free Download: Doley Bernays Ft. Denzil Porter – Raise Your Weapon


Dubstep | One Republic – If I Lose Myself (PRFFTT & Svyable Remix)

Posted by on April 9, 2013

One Republic - If I Lose Myself (PRFFTT & Svyable Remix)Since their decision to collaborate together on an official basis, I have watched these two go from fairly decent solo artists to becoming a force to reckon with. “If I lose Myself” is a great orignal, frontman Ryan Tedder’s voice has always been absorbed by the hearts of many. The most common mistake I have seen made on other remixes of this track is that with these vocals you really don’t want to do too much that could overpower them and take away their effect on the listener. The most important factor to this being a great remix is that this duo made sure Ryan’s voice was heard. PRFFTT & Svyable’s reworked instrumentals are a great compliment to the story that unfolds in this track.


Free Download: One Republic – If I Lose Myself (PRFFTT & Svyable)

Chill, House | Fenech Soler – Maiyu (Lane 8 Remix)

Posted by on March 26, 2013

Fenech Soler - Maiyu (Lane 8 Remix)Who doesn’t love Fenech-Soler, seriously. Every different vocal is an emotional classic. Lane 8 did a nice job on this remix, it greatly reflects the Fenech-Soler original with a very chill compliment in its progression. An all around beautiful remix and definitely a must download in my opinion.


Progressive House | Lift Off #008

Posted by on February 9, 2013

Finally after a little longer than usual break, the 8th edition of Lift Off is here and as per usual we have packed it filled with gems. This Lift Off marks the first official contribution from our new author Malcolm or “Mel”, so look for more great tracks from him. The first track above is the vocal mix of Anakyn’s single “Point Black”, which previously saw a edit from Nicky Romero and adds another harmonic dimension to the track.

Beatport: Anakyn feat. Fabio Lendrum – Point Blank (Love Is Blind)

DubVision are among the best at coming up with progressive melodies and this remix of “Summertime” is no different. They stick to the same winning formula of “All By Myself”, “You & I” etc and deliver a peaktime, big room remix. Would like to see them switch it up a little, but for now it is working.

Paris Blohm delivers this emotional, uplifting track as a tribute to his sister who recently passed away. Female vocals add to the superb melody crafted by the young up and comer.

This remix from the Chainsmokers of Jonsi’s (singer of Sigur Ros) “Around Us” has been incredibly successful with its addictive melody and well placed stutters. This is a must have.


Chill, Hip-Hop, RnB | Tinashe ft. Chance the Rapper – Ecstasy (Remix)

Posted by on January 29, 2013


I must admit, when I first heard this, I was reminded of Drake and Aaliyah’s Enough Said. I mean that as a compliment, because that was one of my favorite R&B/rap remixes of 2012. Something about a beautiful voice paired with one beautiful, smooth, verse delivered by a rapper with talent does it for me. To be frank, I like this song more than I like Enough Said. I think Tinashe’s voice is beautiful, sensual, and soothing. I can’t say enough about Chancelor Bennett. Ever since FNT’s own Dshaq put me on him about a year ago, I’ve never been disappointed by his music, and this verse is no different. Big things are happening for Chance in 2013, that’s a promise. Love to Pigeons and Planes for premiering this beauty and for the embed code below. Download the original song and Tinashe’s full project here.