Alternative, Chill, Hip-Hop, Pop, Reggae | William Bolton & Jackson Breit Want The Girls In The Front Row

Posted by on February 11, 2016


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Always awesome to see two of the most highly regarded emerging artists in 2016 linking up for a collaboration. Recently William Bolton headed out to LA for a few weeks, set up shop with Jackson Breit and made this absolute summer jam. Now, while in LA William may have forgotten it is still Winter in Boston where he resides, but, Girls In the Front Row definitely takes you to a much warmer place.

Chill, Hip-Hop, Pop, Reggae | ACADEMY Just Gave Us The Best Christmas Song We’ve Heard In Quite Sometime

Posted by on December 16, 2015

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Just when you think you may have heard all the music you’re going to get from ACADEMY in 2015 they surprise us all and drop a Christmas jam. This sweet little ditty is the perfect addition to your Christmas Party Playlist. You get the classic ACADEMY chill vibes mixed in with a spot on verse from Los Angeles based rapper Terrye.

Alternative, Chill, Cover, Hip-Hop, Indie, Reggae | ACADEMY Flips The Temptations ‘My Girl’ To An Addicting Feel Good Hip Hop Jam

Posted by on December 3, 2015

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Your favorite alternative/hip hop/reggae duo ACADEMY is back again, this time with a super fresh cover from the depths of the vault. This little ditty is a spin on the Temptations timeless song ‘My Girl‘ and is equally as addicting as their previous reggae cover of Biggie’s Juicy. My Girl, which was concocted by John That features good friend of ACADEMY and unknown to most, emcee Terrye who laid down some well written bars that fit the vibe of this song perfectly.


Chill, Electronic, Reggae | “Vampire” by Lazyboy Empire Is The Soundtrack To Your Halloween!

Posted by on October 27, 2015

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Everything about this track screams Halloween – the music video, the creepily catchy melody of the song, the song title itself, you name it. “Vampire” is a very promising first single by the mysterious Lazyboy Empire artist that has me ready for more music! He/They somehow molded together pop, electronic music AND reggae to make a wild new sound that has been causing a real (positive) stir in the scene the past couple of weeks. Lazyboy Empire’s music video for “Vampire” is just the visuals you need to check out this weekend, support the song on iTunes here!

Chill, Reggae | Shaggy and Don Corleon Remix Roya’s “Lie”

Posted by on October 21, 2015

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Shaggy and super producer Don Corleon has taken a stab at Roya’s latest single “Lie”. The singer/songwriter signed to the legendary producer RedOne has taken Europe by storm with this release, and now it receives another nice added touch. Don Corleon and Shaggy add a dancehall vibe to the pop record and should transcend nicely stateside!

Alternative, Chill, Hip-Hop, Reggae | ACADEMY’s New EP ‘The Beat Generation’ Is Exactly What Summer 2015 Needed

Posted by on June 25, 2015

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Summer 2015 is officially here and while the weather has been on point, there has been something missing. With the likes of Radical Something, Slightly Stoopid, Cris Cab and others relatively quiet as of late, the world has been in need of some new music to add that extra flavor of good vibes to these warm summer days.

Have no fear, ACADEMY‘s latest masterpiece, a seven track Extended Play is here. The Beat Generation, following suit with their debut EP ‘Moving Methods‘, provides that magical blend of Hip Hop, Reggae, Pop and Alternative for a sound that you’ll have the windows down and volume turned all the way up on you ride to the beach. Good vibes come pouring through your speakers with songs like ‘Hippy Girl‘, ‘Outta State‘, ‘High Tide‘ and ‘We Ain’t Never‘, but you’ll see a different side of ACADEMY with more of  a Hip Hop vibe on ‘The Buyer‘ and ‘Come On Over‘.

Whether you’re looking to chill with the ladies or vibe out with the homies, The Beat Generation has got it all covered. Be sure to support good music and grab it on iTunes for $5.99! Check out ACADEMY on Facebook and Twitter

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Alternative, Hip-Hop, Indie, Reggae | Summer Is Officially Here With Academy’s New Single ‘Outta State’

Posted by on April 18, 2015

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With snow continuing to fall in the Northern parts of New England as recently as ten days ago, the duo known most for their summer vibes, Academy, decided to tell Mother Nature enough is enough and it is time to heat things up. While most gravitate towards comparing Evan Walsh and John That to the likes of Aer, it would appear Academy has found their own unique sound with their newest releases.

A month ago the Los Angeles residents dropped the visuals for ‘Hold Me Down‘, which was a much funkier sound than we have come to expect and today’s release ‘Outta State’ will completely blow you away. This track completely flips the formula with John spitting some incredibly witty verses and Evan supplying the audience with an extremely catchy hook that will have all singing ‘THATS JUST HOW I FEEL!’.  With producer Matt Osenton working exclusive with the duo on the new project it is safe to say this EP is going to be one of the best in 2015.

Be sure to play this one extremely loud where ever you are and give Academy a follow on Twitter and a Like on Facebook!