Bricks Break’s Down His House Roots, Timing, Future Plans & More In Exclusive Interview

Posted by on July 19, 2016

Bricks has a classic LA story but with some genuine depth to it that’s just likeable, frankly. In this FNT interview, Bricks breaks down where his house roots came from, why he makes what he does (which is fluid dark hip-hop-influenced house that totally suites 2016, check out previous posts on our site), and so much more. Read all the details here.

How would you describe your style?

Brian: I’d describe it as a collection of all the styles that have influenced me through out my life. It’s combination of House, Miami Bass and Hip Hop. I add the groove of house to the raw 808 miami bass sound, then work in some vocal chopping and analog 80’s synths, and out comes up the Bricks sound.

Who influenced you to go for the project Bricks?

Brian: My influences come from many different artists, but to name a few is tough. But I’d have to say a lot of my influence comes from guys like Herbie Hancock, Giorgio Moroder, Afrika Bambaataa, Afro­Rican and Egyptian Lover. They have all created tracks that are still consider great today, and a lot of my sound comes from these artist. I just try to find a way to recreate that style into my own.

Has living close to the LA area benifited you?

Brian: Tremendously. I live about 30 minutes away from the city, and thats perfect for me. I love going out to support my friends and going to shows, but it feels really good sometimes to just sit in peace and quiet in the suburbs lol. It also helps with my production, because I can work at home very easily. But when I need to get in the studio to finalize a project or meet up with people, I just hop in my car and take short drive. It also helps, as an artist, to live close to LA because you never know who you can run into here. Confession: I am a huge foody, and LA is notorious for having some gems. So, I’ll always find an excuse to go to LA lol.

Whats is a milestone you want to get to before the end of 2016?

Brian: Honestly, I’d love to have a great fan base who understands my music and brand. One of the most important aspects of this brand is my supporters. If I have a loyal fan base, everything else with fall into place. Show and festival opportunities come when the fan base is there. How many more releases will come out between now and the end of the year? I am planning on releasing a track every month. I have a bunch of tracks finished, its just deciding which ones to release, and when.

Who would you love to work with?

Brian: Claude Von Stroke would be one of many that I’d love to work with. I think that collab would make for an interesting and banging track. His remix of Chemical Brothers “Go”, is pretty close to how I would have remixed it too.

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