Hairitage Talk House, Dreams, & More In First-Ever Interview

Posted by on June 21, 2016

Hairitage has been making boss moves lately. He’s landed tracks on Ultra Records, CR2 Records, XXL Audiophile, and many more. Yet, he’s somewhat unknown even though his house jams are on point. Hairitage sat down with us for his first interview where we go deep, read more below.

Who are your biggest house influences that have helped you find your style?
Aaron: Listening to Tchami, some newer Vato Gonzalez, Flume, Friend Within, and some older Chainsmokers tracks were probably my biggest influences for ideas and how I wanted to make this particular song sound.

Who would you love to work with?
Aaron: I’d love to work with anyone mentioned above, Illenium, NGHTMRE, Yntendo, Jauz, Tom Budin, or Loge21. Any of them would pretty much be life made!

What are your dream labels?
Aaron: I think OWSLA would be my favorite label to sign on to. they’re very open to genres and innovation, and are wildly successful with it.

Whats the most important part of making a song?
Aaron: The most important part in making a song is to not compromise. Work on being your own style or brand, so when someone hears my work, for example, they know undeniably that its a “Hairitage” song. It doesn’t have to be a genre specific things either, there are many artists who have a wide range of productions that still fit this criteria. I don’t think I’ve found exactly what Hairitage will end up sounding like in the future, but my goal is still the same.

I’m sure some of you remember when Tony Hawk first landed a 900 in the X-games. It took so much time and perseverance to produce this magical first time moment, that even non-enthusiasts appreciated. It wasn’t perfect, but it was groundbreaking.

2 weeks later, someone else nailed it. I couldn’t tell you for the life of me, who the second person was.

My point is, standing out and being someone people look to for inspiration, instead of being an imitator, is something I strive for. I think it’s something that everyone should strive to accomplish, and that will ultimately be what drives the industry forward.

What labels have you been on so far?
Aaron: I’ve signed to Ultra Records, Cr2 records, Audiophile XXL, Audiophile Live, BVSSCVLT, Nite Records, and The EDM Collective.

How does that feel?
Aaron: It’s nice having that sort of resume behind the brand. right now, I’m more focused on what Hairitage is as opposed to what it’s associated to. Once I feel like it has evolved into what I want, the labels list will become even bigger and more gratifying!

What is your feelings on tropical house in 2016?
Aaron: I think you’ll see those warm summer vibes evolve into something new. Tropical House is oddly specific in its current state, and I’d hope that innovation takes us somewhere new. A lot of Tropical House producers have branched out and I think it sounds wonderful.

What are your summer plans?
Aaron: When it’s not raining, I’m hiking, finding hot springs, camping, hitting the beach, anything I can. When its raining (which is most of the time), I’ll be working on my mixes, and planning out a new place for a studio in the coming years!

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