Kaskade – Atmosphere (Stereoshock Remix)

Posted by on September 15, 2013


A young Australian boy once kissed me on the cheek in the second grade and I just took it. I didn’t know how to react. That moment was a new experience for me and so is every time I listen to a new track from Stereoshock. He is without a doubt one of the most creative and unique producers out there right now. For his latest project he took to remixing Kaskade’s “Atmosphere”, a song that many people adore but not me (“Eyes” is still easily his best track of the last few years). His remix starts off incredibly strong (like my distaste for guys who wear Toms) with one of the best intros I’ve heard in a while. Then the main piano hits and is complimented with the many layers of sounds and effects that is unique to him. The lead melody during the drop is perhaps his best yet. This is another solid outing from him and yet again he leaves me excited for his next track.

Free Download: Kaskade – Atmosphere (Stereoshock Remix)

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