I Am Legion – Make Those Moves

Posted by on July 15, 2013

I Am Legion - Make Those Moves

I am really excited to finally get to post this epic download from Noisia and the Foreign Beggars’ collaboration project, I Am Legion. This track has been owning my ears for weeks now and finally we can all have a good quality copy of it to blast through our speakers. “Make Those Moves” is the first Neuro-hop track we have heard from Noisia and I have to say it will definitely set the bar for the next generation of bass producers. Dubstep will soon take a backseat to this Hip-Hop and Neuro-funk infused genre.

I Am Legion

Free Download: I Am Legion – Make Those Moves

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  • Josh

    Unfortunately as this is the US, it will put a spin on this in it’s own way. Look at how UK dubstep devolved into brostep, the same thing will happen to any type of rap/hiphop. US infused rap/hiphop is more inclined to “trap” and there is a reason why UK Grime and/or Neuro-hop will always be different.