FreshNewTracks is Looking For New Writers!

Posted by on July 2, 2013


We are looking for good writers who have an intellect in music and who are regularly up to speed on their genre(s) of preference. FNT is looking for writers to fill positions in House, Trance, Electro, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Trap, Moombahton, Hip-Hop, R&B, and we are also open to experimental genres. You may apply for multiple positions, but it is not expected.


Each position is an unpaid internship, but unpaid does not mean there are no perks as a member of FNT. If chosen, you will attend shows and festivals as Press and get connected with many other people and artists throughout the music industry. If your application is accepted, you will first be interviewed and will then ghost write for 1-2 weeks to determine permanent status within FNT. Download of the application is linked below, when finished, email it to [email protected] with the subject as “FNT App, (Genre applied to)”. Each position has limited space, best of luck to all of you who apply.

FreshNewTracks Application

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  • jon

    How do I send the actual application?

  • Mel

    Print it out on a piece of paper, fold it up nicely, put it in your pocket, and go to a fancy french restaurant and ask for a kids menu even though you are clearly there by yourself and in your mid twenties. As soon as you are seated at a table and the waiter/waitress leaves you, stick that kids menu under your shirt. Once they bring out water and bread as all french restaurant’s do, take out your Macbook. You may think it’s rude to do that in a restaurant, and it is, but this is the only way to send it so you gotta do it. Be a man, Jon.

    Once you’ve got your Macbook out, immediately close it and throw it at the nearest wall. This is good, it will create a commotion. The distraught looks of the many people sitting in your section will provide adequate attention for your next step.

    Take your pants off. If you had done the earlier steps correctly, that kids menu will then float gracefully down and land perfectly, about 2-3 inches into your boxer-briefs, with just the tip of the paper showing. Now, at this point, you are obviously making a scene and the staff will begin the process of removing you from the restaurant.

    Don’t you fucking let them Jon.

    Since you are likely American, I think it’s safe to assume that you’re in great shape. This will provide you the added benefits of being agile like a cat and quick like me when I try not to be. You should, theoretically, be able to run around the restaurant wildly for some time without being detained.

    Sadly though, the cops will ineveitably show up and taze you right in the slightly erect organ that you will undoubtedly have. They will take you to the police station and you’ll be spending at least the night in jail. When given your one call, this is where you make a big move. Deny the call. More specifically, say the following. “I would love to call my parents but, like eating breakfast on a weekday, I just don’t have the time or desire to”. The tables have turned. The cop not only now respects you, but also thinks you’re cool. He lets you go with a warning.

    You walk out of the police station and go sit on a bench while you wait for a ride home. You pull the application out of your pocket and read it over once more. You then look up and see your diabetic half retarded sister pulling up in her 2001 Civic. Upon standing up to go get in the car, a strong gust of wind knocks the paper out of your hands. It goes high up into the sky, disappearing into the night. Not being able to do anything about it, you get into the car and go home.

    Johnny boy, that is the only way you can send us your application.

  • Joseph

    Oh my gosh that was hilarious. 10/10