FNT presents #SomethingBIG #023 – Stafford Brothers & Moguai + Exclusive Interview

Posted by on June 14, 2013

Stafford Brothers Something Big

We have had them on before, LA based duo, by ways of Australia, The Stafford Duo are back with another episode of their radio show, Something Big. We have partnered with the entrepreneurial duo to present Michael Jordan’s episode of their show with German vet, Moguai on the guest mix. During his guest mix Moguai unveils the curtains on the process behind some of his most prized recent tracks, including possibly the biggest track of the year thus far “Mammoth”, his own single on Size Records “Champs”, and more. He also reveals info on collabs with Tiesto, Moby and a big pop singer in Germany that he says is one of favorites to date.

The Stafford Brothers are more than DJs / producers. They own several nightclubs back home in Australia, they have their own reality TV show, which is licensed in Australia, South America, Canada and Europe. They are the first dance music acts to be signed to Cash Money Records and their first single “Hello” has gone double platinum in Australia. We had the chance to ask ask them a few questions about their busy lives, Cash Money Records, the future and more. Interview and tracklist after the jump.

1. FNT: Looking back, did it seem logical for you guys to get involved in all of the various activities that you are now?

Stafford Brothers: We definitely have a lot going on, but I think we would be extremely bored if we weren’t busy. I enjoy all the different aspects of our lifestyle/businesses.

2. FNT: Why did you decide to do a TV show and how has it changed how you guys go about your daily lives at all?

Stafford Brothers: We did a TV show as we got the opportunity. We definitely thought about it and how it would work for our career and we are really glad we did it. Our daily lives didn’t change too much as it really was just following us around doing what we do, but it consumed a lot of time.

3. FNT: What is the most challenging thing about owning clubs such as Platinum Nightclub on an absentee basis?

Stafford Brothers: Having faith and trust in your partners is the only way that you can have that work. Its tough that we moved to the USA, but when we bought into the clubs 6 or 7 years ago we wouldn’t know where we would be today.

4. FNT: If you had to choose one and run with it, which would be it be: TV star, DJ / producer or club owner?

Stafford Brothers: DJ/Producer

5. FNT: Does Cash Money Records give you total creative freedom in what you do, or do you have to conform some to the artists on the label when you work with them.

Stafford Brothers:We have released one track so far and its been total freedom. We are loving the opportunity of working with their artists.

6. FNT: How often did Birdman rub his hands together?

Stafford Brothers: Check our latest video which drops in a week, we are hanging with Birdman and Slim in Miami!

7. FNT: How is the album going? Would it be released on Cash Money Records?

Stafford Brothers: We are focused on singles at the moment, if we put enough together I think we could definitely put out an album. The dance world isn’t as focused on albums that’s for sure.

8. FNT: If there was one Australian or New Zealand custom you could introduce into the US, what would it be and visa versa?

Stafford Brothers: Bringing a slab (24 bottle) of beer to parties. We have had quite a few parties and people in Australia and New Zealand always arrive with loads of drinks, it doesn’t seem to happen as much here in the USA.
Taco trucks, I love the Mexican food here in California, Australia doesn’t have good Mexican.

9. FNT: What’s the craziest thing that has ever gone down in that LA house of yours with you two, the trashman (Tommy Trash) and nima?

Stafford Brothers: MAAAAAAN! There are so many crazy things that have happened in this house. We had pretty big party for Jake who manages Krewella at the house. We DJ’d, Krewella DJ’d and also the glitch mob. There were six security and a midget checking guest list and it basically looked like project X!

10. FNT: What’s coming up for you guys, shows, productions etc.

Stafford Brothers: There are loads of shows in the USA and also a quick European/Asian/Australian tour. We have a new single out at the end of this month called Hands Up and it’s the future music festival Anthem with one of the artist who performed at the festival.

11. FNT: One thing about you guys that people would not expect?

Stafford Brothers: We drink lots of green tea, because we drink so much alcohol on the weekends!

#SomethingBig – Episode #023: PLAYLIST

01: ‘HEY NOW’ (Laidback Luke remix) Martin Solveig & Cataracs feat. Kyle
02: ‘PUMPED UP RAIDER’ (Stafford Brothers bootleg) Quintino vs Foster The People
03: ‘I WANT MORE’ (Disfunktion remix) Bass Kleph & Chris Arnott
04: ‘MALFUNCTION’ dBerrie
05: ‘TEARS OF SADNESS’ (Daniel Ortega & Mike Moorish remix) Narany
06: ‘DEPTH’ Jimi Frew
07: ‘WE ARE YOUNG’ (Sultan & Ned Shepard club mix) Vassy
08: ‘METROPOLIS’ (Stafford Re-Cut and Paste) David Guetta & Nicky Romero
09: ‘A THOUSAND MILES’ (Maurizio Gubellini & Delayers remix) Robbie Rivera
10: ‘CHAMPS’ Moguai
11: ‘MAMMOTH’ Dimitri Vegas, Moguai & Like Mike
12: ‘IN N’ OUT’ (Tommy Trash club mix) Moguai & Tommy Trash
13: ‘TOCA’S MIRACLE’ (Inpetto 2012 Update) Fragma

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