Lift Off #012

Posted by on June 6, 2013

Aside from how to fit a whole banana in my mouth, there are only two things I know. One being there has been some quality releases lately and two being they haven’t been posted. I won’t blame anybody W8 but I figured that this moment is what Lift Off was made for. There is a backlog of tracks that, if they were girls, would be known for their great personalities. That is the philosophy behind Lift Off. It only made sense to revive this series for at least one more instalment. We start off above with a modern rendition of a song that came out when I was just the sexy young age of seven. “By The Way” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers gets brought into 2013.

Free Download:  Red Hot Chili Peppers – By The Way (Herian & Alleston Bootleg)

I wasn’t involved in a long and amazing relationship with this next song but it sure feels like I was. The way it just tears at my heart makes me feel like we’re going through a devastating break up. Whether that’s the impact the lyrics are having on me or I’m just making it up I do not know. What I do know is that I was an open canvas ready to be painted on and this track painted a masterpiece across my naked body.

Yes, the reality of rampant transexuals currently populating Brazil does worry me a bit. They look alright at first glance but by the time you find out it’s just too late. Might as well go through with it at that point. These are issues that Brazil’s Lucas Bojakowski hopefully doesn’t have to face and if he does, we won’t judge him for doing it. He has recently remixed Dirty South’s “Your Heart” beautifully and is giving it away for free.

Not including my parents, I have like 5 friends. Of those 5, about half are girls I don’t actually know but who’s Instagram’s I may have accidentally memorized and occasionally check when it’s time. Jk I don’t do that. That’s creepy. I hold myself to a higher standard than that. It may be okay for other people, mainly Avicii, to make subpar decisions regarding what to play at Ultra and memorizing Instagram’s, but not me. TOER is a name that nobody memorizes because nobody knows who he is. Though if he keeps putting out huge, big room originals like “Knight Lights”, that may change.

Congratulations, you are now apart of an exclusive club of like 20 people who have gone past the break. You should feel good about yourself. This is the part of Lift Off that few see. There are no rules now. We don’t have to adhere to the norm, what is right or wrong, or any preconceived notions of how to cook scrambled eggs which is obviously at a slow temperature until it has a nice, little more than custardy consistency. You should probably add a little cheese too while it’s cooking or you might as well just throw it right in the garbage.

Moving on, we keep everything cool and normal (the above about no rules was a lie) with about as normal as they come, a Lana Del Ray remix. I know, I know, they have become fairly redundant at this point but I haven’t heard any for roughly a day or so and this one has been my favorite for the period between yesterday at 3ish and now.

A little bit of a curveball here, this next tune is drum & bass. Draper is actually relatively well known and I have enjoyed his previous work so I was expecting something good when I first clicked play. What I heard was something good.

I’m sure I am not the only one who holds a great amount of respect for anyone skilled enough to use the word “diatribe” in everyday conversation. I also have a tremendous admiration for individuals who are prepared to withstand the inevitable diatribe that comes with remixing a track like Gemini’s “Fire Inside” into progressive house. While it may not be the best version of this song, it is a capable house companion to the others.

This next and final song is not a free download, or even available for download. Don’t blame me, blame yourself. I do my best alright. I’m sorry, you probably do as well. It’s not your fault, though it’s certainly not mine. It’s probably Maor Levi’s fault. That classy beautiful man goes ahead and remixes Kaskade’s “All That You Give Me” spectacularly, years ago, and ever so generously decides to upload it to Soundcloud now in an effort to “share the love”. Sadly, he didn’t enable downloads so we can’t really receive the love. The remix is so good though that I thought it needed to be shared, even if we can’t download it. There’s nobody to blame but yourself.

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