House | EDX Closes Out His Massive Year With His New Remix of The Avener’s “We Go Home”

Posted by on December 14, 2015

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EDX has managed to continually impress us with his growth as a producer, even now, twenty years into his lengthy career. 2015 has been the Swiss dance authority’s biggest year yet, as he’s hit on tracks like his remix of Sam Feldt’s “Show Me Love” and Spada’s “Catchfire (Sun Sun Sun)” that quickly vaulted themselves to the top spot of the Beatport charts. Now, he’s finishing his impressive year in style, with a vibe-infused remix of The Avener’s “We Go Home.” Letting Adam Cohen’s powerful croons stay as the center of attention, EDX eloquently layers a smooth bass line with uplifting piano riffs and synth progressions to give his remix a deep groove. You can get your own copy of the track below, and check out EDX’s new tour dates after the jump.

Buy: The Avener ft. Adam Cohen – We Go Home (EDX’s Paris at Night Remix)


Progressive House | Marty & Jakko Feat. Jonny Rose – Galaxy

Posted by on July 9, 2014

Marty & Jakko Feat. Jonny Rose - Galaxy

As most guys know, 16 isn’t too young. Especially in Brazil, where that’s just status quo. You could even go younger than that if you please but that’s typically the age where boys learn one of the greatest pieces of information they will ever know, the basics of FL Studio. That was the age that Lucas Bojakowski, now known as Jakko started releasing tracks and we have been following him ever since. For his latest single, he joined up with Marty, a little known Canadian producer out of Calgary and vocalist Jonny Rose for “Galaxy”. This is as high a quality track that Jakko has put out and shows why he is capable of growing into an internationally respected artist.

Beatport: Marty & Jakko Feat. Jonny Rose – Galaxy

FYI | Justin Bieber Filmed By Brazilian Prostitute

Posted by on November 6, 2013

It just keeps getting weirder. Just hours ago, released exclusive video of Justin Bieber purportedly asleep after doing the no pants dance. I’d have a lot of respect for the biebs if he manned up and owned it. Instead, he denies he was even there when pictures tell another story. Isn’t all that surprising. Here’s the sordid plot twist though…

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 9.50.51 PM

Apparently, the woman in the video is Tati Neves, one of Brazil’s most famous transexual? prostitutes that just so happens to work at the brothel in question. Bieber was said to have picked her because “she looked like she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.” I’m usually of the opinion that the biebs is bullet-proof. I’m not sure how he’s going to get out of this pickle.

UPDATE: Another woman from Paraguay has tweeted a pile of money thanking Justin. The plot thickens!

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 11.03.06 PM


FYI | Justin Bieber Caught Leaving Brazilian Brothel

Posted by on November 3, 2013

*EXCLUSIVE* Justin Bieber tries to go Incognito at a Brazilian Brothel

It seems as though Justin Bieber is extending his South American tour, in the form of visiting a Brothel while in Brazil. Just this morning Page Six reported spotting him outside with his security team huddled around him, blanket draped over his entitled frame. Apparently, Justin spent over three hours in the establishment (some say it took him 5 minutes) before leaving with two women. As you can imagine, Justin’s brainswashed cult “beliebers” are very upset. How upset you ask? Well, I’ll let the fans talk.


Progressive House | Lift Off #012

Posted by on June 6, 2013

Aside from how to fit a whole banana in my mouth, there are only two things I know. One being there has been some quality releases lately and two being they haven’t been posted. I won’t blame anybody W8 but I figured that this moment is what Lift Off was made for. There is a backlog of tracks that, if they were girls, would be known for their great personalities. That is the philosophy behind Lift Off. It only made sense to revive this series for at least one more instalment. We start off above with a modern rendition of a song that came out when I was just the sexy young age of seven. “By The Way” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers gets brought into 2013.

Free Download:  Red Hot Chili Peppers – By The Way (Herian & Alleston Bootleg)

I wasn’t involved in a long and amazing relationship with this next song but it sure feels like I was. The way it just tears at my heart makes me feel like we’re going through a devastating break up. Whether that’s the impact the lyrics are having on me or I’m just making it up I do not know. What I do know is that I was an open canvas ready to be painted on and this track painted a masterpiece across my naked body.

Yes, the reality of rampant transexuals currently populating Brazil does worry me a bit. They look alright at first glance but by the time you find out it’s just too late. Might as well go through with it at that point. These are issues that Brazil’s Lucas Bojakowski hopefully doesn’t have to face and if he does, we won’t judge him for doing it. He has recently remixed Dirty South’s “Your Heart” beautifully and is giving it away for free.

Not including my parents, I have like 5 friends. Of those 5, about half are girls I don’t actually know but who’s Instagram’s I may have accidentally memorized and occasionally check when it’s time. Jk I don’t do that. That’s creepy. I hold myself to a higher standard than that. It may be okay for other people, mainly Avicii, to make subpar decisions regarding what to play at Ultra and memorizing Instagram’s, but not me. TOER is a name that nobody memorizes because nobody knows who he is. Though if he keeps putting out huge, big room originals like “Knight Lights”, that may change.


Electro-House | Red Mongoose – Kill The Silence (Renier Santoz Remix)

Posted by on February 1, 2012

Alright so I will need everyone to bare with me on this, Renier Santoz is a producer from Brazil, but due to language reasons, it is hard to decipher wether Renier is a he or she. In Renier biography it states both, haha, with that said he/she is an incredible electro-house producer. Influenced by the likes of Lazy Rich, Porter Robinson, Felguk, Far To Loud, Titanoz, and David Menezes. I would also compare the style of this remix by the synths used, that Mord Fustang plays a good role of inspiration. This just happens to be an incredible remix and as a bonus I have provided Reniers awesome remix of Dada Life’s Happy Violence. 


Events, Videos | Swedish House Mafia 230911 Announcement

Posted by on September 23, 2011

Swedish House Mafia just made their immensly anticipated 230911 announcement and it confirms much of we have expected. They will be playing Madison Square Garden on December 16th this year and go on a world tour that ends with a massive 9 hour event at Milton Keynes Bowl on July 14th 2012 with special guests to be announced that should be absolutely insane. The tickets go on sale September 30th and they will be capped at $35-$75 for MSG and 45 pounds for MKB so we don’t have prices like the Avicii New Years Eve show ticket prices yesterday. They will also be releasing a new live CD called “One Night Stand” in December with “Antidote” and their remix of “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”. The CD will also include new solo work from each of the three members. A world tour like this is huge (there is mention of Australia and Brazil at the end of the video) as they are going to rock the biggest venues worldwide as well as releasing a new album with new material. Some more information from Billboard here.