Rekoil – Forever

Posted by on June 4, 2013

Rekoil - ForeverRekoil is your usual, bass in your face, destroy your ear drums type of producer. That is until he released this melodic clip today. The track has actually generated some disgust from some of Rekoil’s more “loyal” fans. I really don’t care if an artist breaks out from their comfort zone time to time, if the track is good why hate? Rekoil did an exceptional job on this, the melody is flawless. I’m nerding out a little from this track since the bit synth samples remind me of the “Lavender Town Theme” from the original Pokemon game. I hope he releases the full of this track soon, and maybe he will continue to dabble a little more in the melodic side of Dubstep. Props to Rekoil for keeping it real.


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