Mike Champoux — One

Posted by on March 10, 2013

It’s a rare moment these days when I come across a new emcee whose sound truly transfixes me. Rapping has become such a major fad in our college culture, and as more nontraditional hip-hop acts gain prestige in this community, it continues to saturate this work and turn a genre that once exclusively documented the struggles of urban life into one accessible to all. I’m very proud of the progression of hip-hop and I believe that it’s an adaptive genre by nature, but simultaneously—as an advocate of hip-hop’s finesse and literary qualities—it has made me loathe checking my inbox and staying on top of the trends. There’s a definite lack of awareness and a presence of ignorance in those who self-identify as artists of hip-hop that I can tell upon first listen. These are artists who’ve been drawn to hip-hop because of the perceived ease of constructing a strong where no message or originality is necessary. Tracks have become defined by punchlines and producer’s remakes of industry singles, rarely detailed and rarely bearing any sign of lyrical prowess. I digress, but this morning a Seattle artist named Mike Champoux was brought to my attention, and has provided me with a temporary sense of trust. He’s a multitalented producer and rapper, and is a few weeks away from releasing his first full-length, L.I.F.E., which highlights the introspective qualities of his work. “One” is a beautiful homage and response to a friend of Champoux’s who took his own life, with a melodic and gripping instrumental that has that characteristic Seattle sound that Ryan Lewis has brought to global attention. Enjoy. 


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