R Rated #65

Posted by on March 7, 2013


First up on R-rated this week is a heavy remix the fans have been waiting for from Getter. After coming through with a great EP release he decided it was time to release this remix of 50 Carrots – Wiz Kid. The track starts off with a chiptune vibe and some Wiz Khalifa vocal samples slowly working its way into Getter’s riddim-esque drop.

Mantis just released a monstrous EP on Play Me Records, and thought why not give away a free VIP while we are at it. So they took one of their older tracks and revamped it to a more heavy hitting beast than it already was. Everyone loves a good free VIP download after an EP release, am I right?

We might have posted this track from Rekoil a while back when he first released, but he decided that the mastering and mixing just wasn’t close to the level he wanted. So he went through and revamped the whole thing also adding a few new things here and there.

Last, but not least is a banger from the one and only, Figure. When have you known Figure to let you down and not come through with a beastly track. This one is a heavy one over some Aesop vocals which add a nice twist to the usual doom styled tracks Figure releases.

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