Compilation, DJ-Set | Soulection – Radio Show #160 w/ Zikomo

Posted by on January 13, 2014


Want in on a little secret that I hardly ever get around to sharing? Easiest way to find some new slappers is to go through a music mix, my favorite being Soulection Radio’s Show they do pretty often featuring new Artist’s and new songs on the regular. I haven’t taken the chance to listen to the whole thing yet but I’ve gotten pretty deep in and this definitely is a great one to start off with. So go on and take a listen, I PROMISE you’ll find something you will like.

Don’t know the name of the song playing? They have the whole playlist in the info section of the song on SoundCloud.

Progressive House | Archie – Loving You

Posted by on December 24, 2013



I have never really been a fan of Archie because for a while, all his songs sounded the same (they even used the same synths). Although, I must admit that when I clicked play on this 2 minute and 51 second song, I wasn’t expecting to fall in love. I did though, Archie got me. Two years ago, I was punched in the stomach by a girl. It was an amazing experience. She had been texting me for like a week, maybe a week and a half and I was clearly not interested (she was kinda heavy). One day at lunch we passed each other in the hall and she just hit me. My mind was blown quite honestly. It didn’t hurt because I mean she’s a girl and the whole thing was actually pretty hot looking back on it.

The infatuation I imagine that girl had for me is what I have for “Loving You”, Archie’s latest song. I know it lacks substance and is extremely short and is not really a progressive house song but ever since I first heard it an hour ago, I can’t stop listening to it. The cheesy vocals are extremely catchy and it makes for such a feel good track.

Free Download: Archie – Loving You

Dubstep | Illenium ft. Sirma – Drop Our Hearts

Posted by on December 12, 2013

ILLENIUM - Drop Our Hearts

It has been a while since I have been really blown away by a submission. Yes, there will be absolute heat in big time press releases, but that is a given. The great satisfaction comes from finding those hidden gems hidden amongst your mass bcc emails and mass non-bcc emails, that shine like Kanye on the set of South Park. The track has the similar feel of Stephen Swartz’s “Bullet Train” combining deep, rumbling bass with emotive piano, cinematic effects and female vocals that top the whole thing off. Illenium has a 4 track EP coming on January 16th, which so far sounds outstanding.

Free Download: Illenium ft. Sirma – Drop Our Hearts


Hip-Hop | B-Doe – This Is Hip Hop

Posted by on October 31, 2013

The lyrics on this beat is what makes the whole thing. Of course, the beat is also smooth and raw all at the same time with that east coasty vibe to it. Really digging this atm.

Contests | Bloody Beetroots Apparel And CD Giveaway

Posted by on September 10, 2013

We just made your Monday a whole lot better. The Bloody Beetroots is releasing his second artist album “Hide” next week on the 17th, and to celebrate, we are giving away a whole bunch of apparel and a copy of the CD. The Bloody Beetroots have evolved and become even better with this CD, as seen with his collabs with Sir Paul McCartney and Theophilus London, so you will want to grab yourself a copy. For those of you who don’t want to bet on this giveaway, or just want to support Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, you can pre-order the album here. If you want a listen, preview the whole thing on Rolling Stone’s website here. Here is what we are giving away:

– 1 Bandana
– Choice of 2 T-shirts (choose one)
– Stickers
– Tattoos
– Patches
– Copy of the new Bloody Beetroots CD “Hide”

Exact numbers for the smaller items, but a generous stack will be included. Click past the jump to see pics of what you will be getting (pics of tattoos not included)

To enter, just click on the punchtab giveaway below and get to it. The contest will end on the 17th.


FYI | Responds to “Rebound” Theft Accusations

Posted by on April 27, 2013 It wasn't me

After admitting to the theft on the radio a few days ago, will.i.scam has gone on camera with the Associated Press in an interview about the issue. He attempts to deflect blame of the whole thing from himself by saying Arty in an email was “excited” and that this is an issue for the Interscope legal team. This purported email directly contradicts Arty’s statement that he and Anjunabeats had never been contacted for clearance, so I would be interested to see proof of it. He never says it is Arty in the interview, but he mentioned Arty in the Kiss FM interview and as of now Arty is credited as a writer for the song (illegally according to Arty). continues on to claim ignorance that he did not know there was another guy (Mat Zo) and that it was Arty’s job to notify him of a collaborator on the song and not’s job as an “artist” to actually know the music he was stealing. He also passes the blame onto legal and its long bureaucratic processes, because those things just can’t be changed.

I don’t get it. I have searched the web for a version of “Rebound” that is just labeled as Arty and it simply does not exist. To claim ignorance that the song is just an Arty track is thinking that he can fool the world and we will not fall for it. “Rebound” is as much a Mat Zo track, as it is an Arty track. Making that claim just diminishes his plummeting status as an artist anyway. is pulling a Shaggy right now and trying to say it wasn’t me even though IT CLEARLY WAS. We caught you in your studio Will, hope you didn’t leave any spare keys around.

via Associated Press

Dubstep | R Rated #65

Posted by on March 7, 2013


First up on R-rated this week is a heavy remix the fans have been waiting for from Getter. After coming through with a great EP release he decided it was time to release this remix of 50 Carrots – Wiz Kid. The track starts off with a chiptune vibe and some Wiz Khalifa vocal samples slowly working its way into Getter’s riddim-esque drop.

Mantis just released a monstrous EP on Play Me Records, and thought why not give away a free VIP while we are at it. So they took one of their older tracks and revamped it to a more heavy hitting beast than it already was. Everyone loves a good free VIP download after an EP release, am I right?

We might have posted this track from Rekoil a while back when he first released, but he decided that the mastering and mixing just wasn’t close to the level he wanted. So he went through and revamped the whole thing also adding a few new things here and there.

Last, but not least is a banger from the one and only, Figure. When have you known Figure to let you down and not come through with a beastly track. This one is a heavy one over some Aesop vocals which add a nice twist to the usual doom styled tracks Figure releases.