will.i.am Responds to “Rebound” Theft Accusations

Posted by on April 27, 2013

Will.i.am It wasn't me

After admitting to the theft on the radio a few days ago, will.i.scam has gone on camera with the Associated Press in an interview about the issue. He attempts to deflect blame of the whole thing from himself by saying Arty in an email was “excited” and that this is an issue for the Interscope legal team. This purported email directly contradicts Arty’s statement that he and Anjunabeats had never been contacted for clearance, so I would be interested to see proof of it. He never says it is Arty in the interview, but he mentioned Arty in the Kiss FM interview and as of now Arty is credited as a writer for the song (illegally according to Arty). Will.i.am continues on to claim ignorance that he did not know there was another guy (Mat Zo) and that it was Arty’s job to notify him of a collaborator on the song and not will.i.am’s job as an “artist” to actually know the music he was stealing. He also passes the blame onto legal and its long bureaucratic processes, because those things just can’t be changed.

I don’t get it. I have searched the web for a version of “Rebound” that is just labeled as Arty and it simply does not exist. To claim ignorance that the song is just an Arty track is thinking that he can fool the world and we will not fall for it. “Rebound” is as much a Mat Zo track, as it is an Arty track. Making that claim just diminishes his plummeting status as an artist anyway. Will.i.am is pulling a Shaggy right now and trying to say it wasn’t me even though IT CLEARLY WAS. We caught you in your studio Will, hope you didn’t leave any spare keys around.

via Associated Press

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