R Rated #64

Posted by on March 1, 2013

Decided to save this weeks R Rated, and for good reason. Sick, nasty tunes have been dropping like flies. For Sev and I to keep up has been an adventure, but I hope everyone enjoys the fruits of our labor. To kick off R this week is actually a Trap tune, one of the heaviest Trap tracks that Sev & I have ever heard. Kai Wachi & Squnto must have been craving some twerkable filth because this track is insane! I am still on the fence about Trap, but if you are going to have it, this track is a must have.

Free Download: Kai Wachi & Squnto – Brain Splat

Au5 & I.Y.F.F.E (In Your Face F*ck Everything) have been bass predators as of late. The two have been feature on some the most insane Dubstep tracks. This remix they jumped on in with Auratic and Lafunkt is a behemoth, I can slowly sense myself going deaf every time I press play.

Don’t let these first tracks fool you, this is one of our biggest R Rated posts to date.

Ommi has made a few epic appearances on R Rated. I can say with a smile on face and blood in my ears that he has succeeded in creating a nasty remix. He has done this remix for POgman’s remix competition of “They Know”.


Enigma Dubz is one of my favorite producers. He makes smooth melodic tracks that you can chill to on a lazy Sunday, but he also dips into the nasties. This preview titled “Diablo” is exactly what I would imagine the Lord of the Underworld’s theme song to be.


As many may know by now, Gemini took a wrong turn in the right direction. Everyone is use to his melodic style, packing beautiful vocals over smooth deep bass. This isn’t the first time Gemini took the heavier route, and I sure as hell hope this dope remix isn’t the last time.


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