The M Machine – Metropolis Pt. II

Posted by on February 21, 2013


The M Machine put the world on notice at the beginning of 2011 with their mysterious album teaser for “Metropolis” and it was not for a while until we heard the stunning works that would make up their first Metropolis EP that solidified them as one of the most unique and dynamic producer trios around. They make their return to OWSLA with the second part of that original work “Metropolis” and the EP is anthemic, epic, cinematic — a roller coaster journey of emotions and sonic harmonization. There is no stone left unturned in this EP as The M Machine flex their production and creative muscles putting together 6 tracks that span a multitude of genres and styles, blending them and mixing them, taking a bit from here and there and giving each track a unique sound that works at that moment.

“Metropolis Pt. II” starts with one of the 5 vocal tracks off of the EP, “The Palace”, which infuses brooding synths with a powerful guitar melody over a 2 step bass line with quick alternating snares. “Ghosts and The Machine” and “Tiny Anthem” show the uniqueness and individuality that come with The M Machine’s productions and an indie-dance style that is found with few to none. They bring out fidgety 80’s synths and fast paced bass lines under superb vocals in these productions that show the diversity on this EP. “The Moon Song” comes at you without remorse with a hard powerful, penetrating bass line and a long anticipatory build of drawn out synth chords. “Schadenfreude” adds female vocals to the mix of a hard hitting minimal drop of a driving, pitched synth chords over a matching bass line. The EP ends with the dance ballad “Luma” that is much more downtempo then the rest of the EP, transitioning through several different sections almost like the suites of a piece of classical music. This is not an EP one can listen through once and feel like they have digested it completely — this needs several listens.

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