R Rated #55

Posted by on November 15, 2012

I found it very difficult tonight to pull up a lot of tracks perfect for R Rated, eh, it happens. Let’s have Bassex start this one off right.

Now Konec has a sweet EP coming out on November 19th, it contains a few sweet originals of his, but also this filthy Dubstep/Electro remix from Poisound. The clip below shows the Dubstep half of the track and the Electro half. Damn, he brought the heat with this remix.

Next we have a good-bye (for now) from LFOMG. He will be taking a hiatus from producing for a while, but made sure not to leave us empty handed.

Teen is just another one of those randoms that cross my path, lucky for him it happened to be in prep for this post. Starts out with an alien like intro then drops into some crazy filth. Was not expecting something like this.

Time to finish off with a bang. Just found out who Davip was the other day. This remix of his just dropped a few days ago off Backdrafts “Revolution Remixes.” Sev and I are suckers for the Reggae vibes mixed with Dubstep. This track takes it in a direction neither of us are use to. Breakbeat, Reggae Filth.

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