R Rated #53

Posted by on October 31, 2012

Fuck yes (yea I swore, grow a pair). Buygore comes out with an ear-raper every once in a while, today Sev delivers their next. I am familiar with the original but had no idea a VIP existed (VIP=Variation In Production). This track is nuts, it is the definition of R Rated. It releases November 12th on Buygore Records.

Well, today is Halloween, why not kick off R with an epic Halloween freebie. RUN DMT made my ear hurt on this one.


At Dawn We Rage has always been providers, but as their most recent release shows, heavy bass is not out of their reach. This track goes hard but in a way that says, “fuck you, we can do whatever we want.” Ah, music to my ears.

Clart Kent just released his epic collaboration with Oscar Daniels last week of their remix of “Skyfall.” Today he again collaborates on an epic, laser filled remix. “Too Close” has been over played on the radio, but that doesn’t mean artists can’t turn it into something new. Well, here it is, the new, heavy, lasered, “Too Close.”

It is my disappointment to say that I have only posted R/D once, but he hasn’t exactly released much. Honestly I did not expect my next post with him to contain a new original of his. His synth and bass work simultaneously owns face to the ears on this track. I can feel my future grandchildren being raped by bass, and in the Halloween spirit, I approve.

Woo! There’s More

Well, to start, we have something in the Dubstep style I love. The bass is always there, but it creeps up on your ears like a silent killer, then when you least expect it, you have experienced the true music of a killer in silence.

Damn, releasing in just 5 days is another epic tune from Culprate. He is an unforgivable deity of Dubstep, his music will one day invade the eardrums of all.

I have had this track on repeat for days. It has carried me through countless lift sessions and it will for many days to come. This track is perfect for the R Rated mentality.

Getter is a God of Gods when it comes to Dubstep. Many are not into his style, but if you consider yourself true to the world of bass, you understand that Getter is a pioneer of in your face, make you deaf, music.Getter’s new EP releases on Rottum Records soon.

I was shocked when I heard The Damn Doorbells weren’t releasing this track on Halloween. It is produced for the exact day, but is instead releasing November 5th. Either way, I cannot wait for its release, this track is insane.

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