La’Reda — Solara EP [FNT Exclusive]

Posted by on August 16, 2012

La’Reda is duo that I have been following for a few months now and their work and progression over the months is what led me to want to release this amazing EP by them. I haven’t been hearing too much Electro-House that has appealed to me in the past few months except for the crazy tracks these guys have been creating. They use some distorted, bass-bumping synths that always keep their work lively and exciting.

The first track on the EP, The Aquarian has a stunning melody accompanied with some uplifting chords and trance pads during the intro. Gradually advancing it’s way slowly to the unique Electro overdriven drop. Their next track entitled Solara has to be one of my favorite works from them. The uplifting tempo and feeling through the track just makes for a great live track. The vocals alongside the melody in this track also make the track that much better. The last track, One Wild Ride,  is more of a darker, bouncy sounding track unlink anything I have heard in Electro-House. At parts the melody gives off a positive, graceful vibe, but the drop just makes you feel as though you are in a deep dark rave with no choice but to dance. As a special gift the boys decided to give us a track that was released on iTunes today as a free download for all the FNT fans exclusively. All the tracks can be found for DL through their Facebook or just click the Soundclouds download link to get them all.

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