R Rated #26

Posted by on April 25, 2012


As you can see we are numbering the R Rated posts now, logistics BS, don’t worry about it. Kicking off this weeks R Rated is a preview of KillaGraham’s unreleased filth banger, ‘Arise.’ The track has no official release date yet, but samples vocal clips from Drake. This track is beast.

The only purchase track you will find on R this week and it crushes. SPL & Babylon System’s track ‘Gangster’ released about a year ago. Since then there was a release of remixes, and now volume two of the remixes dropped today with this gem of a VIP from SPL. Although I wish he kept the strings that made the original, there is no doubt in Sev or my own mind that this should be in every filth lover’s library. Oh, and the cover art is badass.


Now what you all come to FNT for, free stuff. Sev hit me up with this just before I began R, and we agree that the originality of this track is outstanding. It has a funky feel to it on the down parts, but it works really well with the creative drop that just brings joy to your ears. Always awesome when artists create something that sounds like no other you have heard before.

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Bare has appeared a little off in my opinion, his new release ‘Ursa Major’ seemed a bit repetitive in how all the tracks were constructed. This track does not reflect that in anyway. Bare states that this filth monger will drop sometime later this year. I hope that means at most by Summer. This is by far the best remix he has ever made.

To support Tim Ismags new EP, ‘Neverland,’ Play Me did their thing and handed out another sweet freebie. AaA produces some dirty tracks. This one is Glitch-Hop, but it has that R Rating written all over it.

xKore is no stranger to R Rated. In fact this might be xKore’s fifth or sixth appearance, so you know it’s about to get brought right now.

Another dirty remix provided by Sev, I am really loving the vibe of this track at 107bpm. I will go as far to say I think I like this more than the original.

Popeska has just exploded over the past six months. People know now when they see his name, it has to be a quality track. This new original has sweet melodic vibes compiling with some amazing drops. It may not be the filthiest track on this post, but it sure hell blows the dubstep competition out of the water.

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