Deadmau5, Teknian, and Oscillator Z

Posted by on April 23, 2012

I whipped up a few mellow dubstepish, melodic, electronic tracks that were released in the past few days. Been chilling to these killer tunes, and there was a last minute surprise addition from Mr.Dead-mau-five. Deadmau5 dropping some “Cthulhustep” as he calls it. The mau5 has been expanding out of his progressive spotlight and dabbling with some new idea’s, which are always great to hear from such a respected artist.

The 17-year old producer has done it again. It seems as though Teknian has no boundaries whatsoever. Dropping two amazing tunes in the past three days. First, is a downtempo, serene original track meant to ease the mind and sooth the soul. Kick back, relax, press play and let the track do all the work. There was no preview posted to his other track, but trust me you want it. It is his Firedance VIP remix given away free through Screwloose records. You can preview the track and download by clicking the link provided below.

Teknian – Firedance VIP

I would expect this to be the last place this next artisted would be posted in, but Oscillator Z decides to tone down the filth on this next blissful track entitled Beep Boops. I’m in love with the middle melody; great vibes.

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