Albums | One-to-watch artist SANJAY serves up deep electronic vibes on new single “Dive2”

Posted by on December 8, 2023

Multi-instrumentalist and electronic producer, SANJAY, wraps up the year with the
release of ‘Dive2’ – the third single taken from his forthcoming debut album,
‘Ancestral Visions’. It’s a sublime showcase of the Joshua Tree-based breaking
talent, packed with spiritual song writing, deep electronic grooves and juxtaposed
with SANJAY’s trademark injection of indie dance.

From headlining on the Playa at the legendary Burning Man to touring the world
with members of the Gypsy Kings, to the release of his ‘Initiation’ EP in 2021,
SANJAY has been quietly gathering a cult following. His guiding principle, Music is
Medicine, has attracted fans in ViVA label head Steve Lawler and the Grammy-
nominated Zoo Brazil. Whether flexing his skills as a dexterous DJ, engineer,

guitarist or singer, SANJAY is an adept all-rounder making music with a purpose
that fires the imagination.
The release of this latest single, ‘Dive2’ follows the stripped-back, minimal remix
by LA-residing, Davi, best known as a key label associate at Crosstown Rebels
and All Day I Dream. It’s a special track for SANJAY on many levels and follows, in
narrative fashion, the release of ‘Dive’ from his 2021 EP. Sanjay explains,
“I was going through a tough time in my twenties and my spiritual teacher told me,
“Dive in deep to the darkness” when he was teaching me meditation – a mantra
which became the main lyric in ‘Dive’. Yet I always felt like there was another part
to that song… I’d fallen out with my oldest friend, there was a lot of betrayal, and
we weren’t speaking – it was a tough time. I wrote the second part of the lyric when
I was on a beach in Hawaii; ‘Dive in deep to the darkness AND be the light’, for
him. Even though I couldn’t speak to him, this was my anthem to him to get to a
more ascended, better place. I think it’s relatable to anyone going through a tough
Dive2 is instantly hypnotic with its opening sequence of heavy electronic drums.
SANJAY’s profound vocal refrain ‘dive in deep to the darkness and be the light’
comes in, set to epic sonics with deep emotion. Further deep synths contrast with
acoustic guitar and the ceremonial chanting of the Huni Kuin (the indigenous tribe
from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest who featured in the original recording of
Dive), altogether create an atmosphere that evokes visions of life and rebirth.
SANJAY’s debut album ‘Ancestral Visions’ will arrive in early 2024, combining
pop culture and spirituality, drawing diverse inspiration from Nine Inch Nails,
Prince, Tame Impala, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Neil Young and Kanye West.
The genesis of ‘Ancestral Visions’ took shape during SANJAY’s expedition into
the depths of the Peruvian Amazon. Upon returning, he embarked on a
personal journey performing, recording, mixing and producing at ARC Studios in
Nebraska (owned by Bright Eyes). Sanjay offered his heart and soul to his album,
showcasing the powerful force within each of us, weaving transcendent musical and
lyrical elements with the belief that music is medicine.

Albums | Midnight Pool Party Release “ICON ENERGY”

Posted by on November 15, 2022

Over the last couple of months Australian duo Midnight Pool Party have been busy working on awhole heap of new music that they plan to release over the coming months.

This week they are very excited to give us a taste of what we can expect from those sessions with the banging disco-house sounds of new single “ICON ENERGY”.

Fans of Dom Dolla, Fisher and Duke Dumont will be all over this one as Midnight Pool Party focus on bring some club energy into their staple disco-inspired sound. The result is really quite powerful and energetic with its big thumping beats, catchy disco clicks and Morilla’s infectious vocals. Their single is available everywhere now and stay tuned for more new music from Midnight Pool Party very soon!

We wanted to step away from our usual disco sound and make a song for the clubs.I (Darren) spent alot of time in the clubbing-worldthis year and that has been a big inspiration for our sound to head off into that directionfor this release.Over the last few months, we’ve both listened to a lot of club-focused music from the likes of Fisher, Duke Dumont, Dom Dolla and Diplo. Lyrically it’s about surrounding yourself with people that match your energy because life is too short to let peoplewith bad vibes in–basically it’s a banger with a strong message of self-confidence and good vibes!” -Midnight Pool Party

Albums | Berlin-based rapper Feloneye Releases New Single “Zoom”

Posted by on October 2, 2022

“Zoom” is without a doubt one of the more hype tracks I’ve heard all week. Feloneye is a Berlin based rapper on the come up who really killed his latest drop, “Zoom”. The beat is what initially drew me in due to the catchy brass line and overall high energy vibe to it but he seriously killed this one. From the hook that will be caught in your head the next week, to the lyrically witty verses, he really snapped here. Tap in to the banger above now, that also comes with a sick music video, and read a quote from Feloneye on his new track below!

“‘Zoom’ is about how I could never trust no woman, only trusting the homies, doing things on the streets, how I’m still on my own even though I ain’t alone in this evil world we live in, still hustling in my zone type of vibes. Like always when I’m in the studio with 4RAS and Or1gin, we started laying down the instruments, started vibing, put the kicks and bass on the track and then we freestyled to it ‘til something started hitting. As the first session was done, the owner of the studio pulled up and said ‘thank you for getting the trumpets stuck in my head.’


Alternative, RnB | Shraban – Shoot (Prod. by Shraban)

Posted by on June 12, 2017

I got this promo sent recently, and I love it! Here is what the artists had to say, which is way better than what I had besides this tune being a smash:

Shraban releases his first song in over two months and it shows off all the work he’s been putting in. This new release ‘Shoot’ talks of some of the wildest times in his life, and carries the late night vibes prominent in the industry as of late. With chilling vocals and ambient vibes, the song has it all. Self produced by Shraban, his upcoming tape ‘Trap N B’ will be releasing soon as well.

Make sure you keep your eyes out for this newcomer!

House | Gutter Brothers Create Dark House Remix Of Kolia’s “We Go”

Posted by on December 2, 2016

LA-based duo Gutter Brothers bless us with another single, this time taking Kolia’s “We Go” and transforming it into a dark and deep house experience that’s hard not to love. Released on Solmatic Records, this instrumental conveys the hypnotizing vibes that classic house delivers, and then some.

Gutter Brothers, who previously focused on trap, seem to be switch gears, and it’s working. Their twist on house is refreshing in a world saturated by so much of it.

Gutter Brothers plan to make bigger moves in 2017. Keep an eye out for more action from them soon.

Chill | Discover Duo Oceans And Their New Single “Cold Ain’t For Me”

Posted by on October 6, 2016

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“Cold Ain’t For Me” is the first single for Oceans, the British-Danish duo who met at a writing camp, and took their talents to the next level.  Opting for a tropical/indie dance vibe, Oceans’ debut single is an ode to the end of the summer, cause cold ain’t for them, and it ain’t for me either. Now if only we could control the weather, cause it’s one thing to sing it, but it’s another to make it happen. Feel the sunny vibes, and stream “Cold Ain’t For Me” on Spotify!

Buy/stream: Oceans – Cold Ain’t For Me

Electronic | Listen to “Castaway” by Sun City

Posted by on October 5, 2016

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Sun City gives us a brand new summery treat called ‘Castaway’, which features the voice of Yeo. Sun City mention that this is just the first taste of their forthcoming ‘Daytona EP’, and if this track is any indication, it’s going to be a great one. From the producers themselves, “This track is about relinquishing the idea of control and leaving everything up to fate, or the universe.” ‘Castaway’ is a chilled but upbeat track with warm vibes with well executed sound design and percussion. Check out the track now and show Sun City and Yeo some love!