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Posted by on April 18, 2012

I’m a big fan of Taiki & Nulight and of this banger they put up on UKF a few weeks ago. It is going to be a free download as soon as their FACEBOOK page hits 5K likes so head over to their page and give them a like so we can get this tune already. So many bangers released this week, but not enough time to post! So we are going to make up for the lack of time all in this weeks R, so lets get started. Cutline has been getting this track rinsed out by so many artist for the past four months, just waiting for this track to get released. It is their remix of Ayah Marar’s Mind Controller and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The only downfall is that it can only be purched in the UK at the moment, so hopefully you guys can find a way around that.

Ayah Marar – Mind Controller (Cutline Remix) [UK ITUNES LINK ONLY]

We posted a preview of this track a few months ago, but since then the fan base around this track has nearly doubled. Filth Collin’s just releasing his Levels EP on Second to None Music including his highly praised track Levels. No this is not a joke, and no this is not a remix or remake of Avicii’s Levels. This track has some nice vocal slicing going on with some heavy bass and a great upbeat style of dubstep we don’t see too often. You can also grab the rest of the EP on Beatport HERE. Be sure to READ ON in the post to get a free download from Filth Collins that he gave away as a gift for his EP release.

Big ups to Resonance Audio for another big release on their label; these guys are putting out monster bangers that are going unnoticed. This is the first time I ever heard a track from Zaku-Chan, but it couldn’t have been a better track. This is that heavy style of bass and filth you love to see from an artist. The best way to describe this track is that it is the fusion of Funtcase and Genetix styles in one track.

Zaku-Chan – Emergency [BEATPORT LINK]

Phrenik is slowly becoming one of Mach and I’s favorite dubstep artist. He has stayed true to his dirty, heavy style all the way since we first heard about him a year ago. Just having another EP released, this was my favorite track on it by far.

This is the part you have all been waiting for. Enough talking from me, click READ ON to get to the FREE DOWNLOADS!

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