Cookie Monsta – Riot! EP

Posted by on April 3, 2012

When it comes to filthy dubstep, the artists that come to mind are usually Circus Record’s own FuntCase and Cookie Monsta. The filth monger Cookie Monsta dropped his new EP, ‘Riot!’ today, and there is no doubt that he out did himself again. Cookie doesn’t need to make a name for himself, just about everything he releases is dirty gold.

The title track ‘Riot’ I assume to be influenced greatly by number of riots that have been held recently in England. Cookie Monsta definitely inspires people to stand up…on cars and well… RIOT! The track is filthy, destroying your ear drums one decible at a time. Videogames seem to inspire all of us nerds in some way, in the case of ‘Level Up,’ the 8 bit sound effects just lead up to the finishing blow, #1-up. Between ‘Time To Get Crunk’ and ‘HedRokkA’ I couldn’t decide which one was my favorite on the EP. coming in second place is ‘Time To Get Crunk,’ sampling Mad Decent’s Lil Jon (that is correct, Lil Jon was signed onto Mad Decent by Diplo). I love the pace of this track, it starts off fast drumstep/drum & bass and halfway through Cookie takes it down a notch for us to enjoy a slower nasty drop. Sev and I both agree that ‘HedRokkA’ is the filthiest track on this release. Smooth and grimy, this track is nothing short of a panty wetter, and for guys it is like if Borgore just created a website to post up all the “submissions” he receives from the ladies. Dubstep fans, this EP is a must have. Buy it, rip it, torrent it, what ever you have to do to get it, because you need this.

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