R Rated #16

Posted by on February 15, 2012

Jesus, this weeks R Rated is crazy. Sev and I could not stop finding sick tracks, just an overflow of filth. Kicking off this week is an epic remix of Antidote that Schoolboy just dropped. Prepare for your ears to bleed.

Svyable just missed the deadline for Steve Aoki’s remix contest…good for us haha. Since he missed the deadline we don’t have to wait to download this beautiful remix.

Damn, Labrat has some tasty wobbles on this drop. I’m not one for a lame wobble wednesday, but I think I can make an exception with this filthy remix.

The filth just keep rolling out in this post. I can feel the bass bullets pounding into my chest, K2 did an epic job on this.

What would an R Rated post be without a dope original. I love the synths used in the drop. I’m not sure if I’m hearing Sonic jump sound effects, but I like it.

I couldn’t decide whether or not to leave out this funky remix. So I listened to the track again, then it dropped…decision made.

This last track we just had to throw in. Flux Pavilion & Nero’s remix is good and all, but lets be serious, Kill The Noise kills it. Once this beast drops there will be no place to hide. Must Be The Feeling and it’s remixes drop March 4th.

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