501 Headrush ft. Belle Humble / Falling Skies

Posted by on February 14, 2012

501’s long awaited two track EP “Headrush ft. Belle Humble / Falling Skies” released yesterday on beatport, and they are some of the highest quality dubstep tracks. We put up the radio edit to Headrush last week, as it was given away on UKF, but it was too short and unfulfilling. With the full track out now, you can enjoy this outstanding track and all of its glory. The second track, Falling Skies,  is something new and refreshing to hear from this not so highly known producer. Both of these releases are what I like to call, tasteful dubstep because they aren’t too heavy on the bass and synths, but at the same don’t disappoint you either. I know 501 put a lot of work and time into both of these tracks because they have been in the making for a while now and it can be heard throughout the track. From the wide variety of sounds, to the superb buildups and progressions these tracks are a must have.



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