Feed Me – Feed Me’s Escape From Electric Mountain EP

Posted by on February 7, 2012

Feed Me dropped this killer EP yesterday, and I have literally had the entire thing on repeat since. Feed Me AKA Spor has had an insane career so far. As Spor, Feed Me was one of the most legendary artists in drum & bass and is still considered so. He created Feed Me, the green critter above as a new persona with the goal of creating crazy sounding dance tunes out of electo, house, and dubstep beats mainly. Though he still does some work in drum & bass as Spor, Feed Me seems to understand that his new persona is now his main one, and will surely continue to drop insane works such as this one.

As I said before Feed Me’s goal has been to create great dance tracks, and that greatly reflects on this EP, even on the dubstep tracks. Trapdoor which was the first track off this EP that we were teased with, has a sick vocal and dubstep blend. Relocation is the first time I have really ever heard Feed Me create a very strong uplifting house track, shows that the man does not wish to settle on one style of music. One Click Headshot is a laugh for anyone who has seen the youtube video that is sampled on the track, and once it drops….BOOM HEADSHOT! I get the feeling that on Embers, Feed Me had some guidance from Deadmau5 with the use of the chords, the track itself is built perfectly, too bad we never got a preview of it before the release. Trichitillomania (mouthful of a name) I have a feeling was meant for the sole purpose of being remixed, considering how basic sounding of an instrumental track it is until the drop at 4:30. Last is the greatly anticipated dubstep collaboration between Feed Me & Gemini, Whiskers. Gemini’s style is very smooth, melodic, and almost trance like, but that blended with the raunchy styling of Feed Me leaves us with one dope finale to the EP. Happy listenings.

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