R Rated #3

Posted by on November 16, 2011

^Dubstep…Gotta Love It^

(Shout out to Artin Ghokasiyan for the artwork)

This weeks R Rated post is in dedication to Zedd, because he obviously had no idea what he was doing when he created Scorpion Move. Zedd, let Sev and I show you what real dubstep sounds like.

I wondered when someone would wise up and make a dubstep remix of this epic track.

DOWNLOAD: Tiesto – Maximal Crazy (Derek Sabiston Remix)

Decided to add something a little melodic to this weeks tracks, but I don’t think anyone is going to complain about this one.

DOWNLOAD: Above and Beyond – Sun & Moon (Diverse Remix)

Fast paced, dubstep banger, pretty much sums this track up.

DOWNLOAD: 23 – Fuck You (Vortek Remix)

This is a sick cover from Feed Me, his drop is insane.

DOWNLOAD: Two Door Cinema – What You Know (Feed Me Cover)

Dubstep producers are rock stars, this track says it all.

DOWNLOAD: DotEXE – Kill It With Fire

This weeks throw back is a favorite of mine. Mmm, grimy dubstep.

THROWBACK: True Tiger Ft. P Money – Slang Like This

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  • MusicMan

    You’re a dick, you make a dubstep song then. Dick.

  • T

    Pretty big claim, Zedd surely knows what he’s doing guys haha

  • Imo

    For someone as good as Zedd is, Scorpion Move was kind of weak in comparison to what other people at his level are doing in the genre. Not that I can do better, just saying.

  • Dsfreier19

    Seeing as Zedd created Scorpion Move in the span of less than two days, I think it came out pretty good. It’s a totally different style of dubstep that you haven’t heard from anyone else. If you followed Zedd’s facebook/ twitter at all, you would know that he was just toying around with the song and released it for free as a result. If he tought it was a total BANGER it would cost some coin, duh. Don’t hate on something you know nothing about, haters. I’ll leave you guys with a preview of his single coming out on Nov. 22. It shows the true talents of Zedd. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE0d5oMkorA&feature=share His production skills top anything any of you haters will ever produce, so shut ya damn trap.

  • Middy

    laidback luke made natural disaster in 4 hours and that is a banger so your point about time is invalid. The point is that Scorpion Move is bad and zedd is a better producer than we are clearly, we know that, take a joke.