R Rated #2

Posted by on November 9, 2011

This is the second installment of Mach and I’s Rated R dubstep post. This week we bring you some filthy tunes from some up and coming producers you most likely haven’t heard of. What can we do though, these guys out shined the big names this week and deserve the right to be featured in the Rated R post of the week. Also we are going to start giving you guys a throwback tune of the week also. We will do our best to make sure it isn’t one that was too popular and died out already. So crank the bass and turn up the volume, let the bass violate you. (NSFW)

Tolgar did a sick job of remixing this track, but the drop says it all on this one.

DOWNLOAD: Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (Tolgar Remix)

Joker is known for his UK style dubstep, and the original to this track reflects that style. Autodrop put the perfect spin on this.

DOWNLOAD: Joker – Slaughterhouse (Autodrop Remix)

As far as we know about this track, we aren’t sure who created it. Rumor has it that it is a Feed Me & Skrillex collab that was released for a few days on Feed Me’s website, but was then taken down. No confirmation on that so take it for what it is, a sick tune.

DOWNLOAD: Unknown – Loud Noises

iNexus appearing for two weeks in a row on R Rated. All this guy knows how to do is make filthy, but yet intricate dubstep.

DOWNLOAD: iNexus – Ownage

This was the overall favorite track of the week. I loved everything about it, from the buildup, to the drop, to the ending. It has that Skrillex esque vibe to, but with some Dr. Deimos style thrown in.

DOWNLOAD: Dr. Deimos – Austin

All I’m going to say about this throwback is, Datsik defines filthy in this track. Through the middle of this song Datsik turns up the filth even more which just sets the tune off.

THROWBACK: Cookie Monsta – R0807 D06 (Datsik Remix)

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