Re:generation Project: DJ Premier, Crystal Method, Pretty Lights, & Skrillex

Posted by on October 28, 2011

It only made sense to do an entire post dedicated to the project. Seeing as not only did the Skrillex collaberation with The Doors drop, but so did the other tracks off the Re:generation Project, minus Mark Ronson’s contribution which hasn’t been posted yet. I would like to note that all available mp3s of these tracks online are in fact rips from the Re:generation Project videos on youtube. This is because no actual digital copies of the tracks have been released or leaked yet.

DJ Premier isn’t one of my favorites, but after an amazing track like this one, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did some more classical/hip-hop blends.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Premier – Regeneration (Ft. Nas & The Berklee Symphony Orchestra)

Don’t let Crystal Method’s name deter you from listening. This track is one of the funkiest electro-rock tracks I have ever heard.

DOWNLOAD: Crystal Method – I’m Not Leaving (Ft. Martha Reeves and The Funk Brothers)

I refuse to lie. I am one of the few people to tell you that every mp3 you find right now of these, despite what quality it may say, is in fact a rip from youtube. I will also say that this track isn’t that good. Pretty Light’s Country Roads remix was a much better interpretation showing the blend of electro and country.

DOWNLOAD: Pretty Lights – Wayfaring Stranger (Ft. LeAnn Rimes and Dr. Ralph Stanley)

Last but not least (until Mark Ronson drops his gem) is Skrillex and The Doors. Probably the most anticipated track of the 5. As some noticed at the end of the video above, the video does in fact end in a second collaboration The Doors and Skrillex have done. No news yet on its name or release date.

DOWNLOAD: Skrillex – Breakn’ a Sweat (Ft. The Doors)

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