Bassex, Megaclown, Fytch, and Skrillex Preview

Posted by on October 19, 2011

Wolfgang Gartner’s new album is sick, and this new remix that Bassex just dropped today is EPIC. Bassex utilizes the pieces of the original track very well to bring this filth together. My ears hurt a bit…oh well.

DOWNLOAD: Wolfgang Gartner – The Champ (Bassex Remix)

Megaclown is building an empire out himself right now. The guy has been dropping track after track and each one giving fans a different genre to see him rock at. Going back to his roots of dubstep on this track, he did an unbelievable job with its build. Adding another dirty track to this post.

DOWNLOAD: Megaclown – WTF

Alright, so this post has been a little different than how I usually assemble dubstep posts. I started heavy and now I’m going to end it with something a little more artsy from Fytch. That doesn’t mean the drop is going to go easy on your ears.

DOWNLOAD: Nina Simone – Feeling Good (Fytch Remix)

Alright so as some of you may have noticed in the past few hours this track has been floating around the blogosphere. Just to get the record straight, THIS IS NOT THE FULL VERSION, but it still pretty awesome to hear segments from Skrillex’s upcoming album. I know this says 320, but lets be serious guys, how many studio quality tracks do you know to be 6 MB. If Skrillex has learned anything it is to save the full studio quality tracks for the official release…which no one still knows when that actually is haha.

PREVIEW DOWNLOAD: Skrillex – San Diego VIP (Nothing Yet)

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