FNT Presents Tiesto: AMHERST, MA

Posted by on September 23, 2011

Biglife and I are finally recovering from our Tiesto shows earlier this week, and for those of you who missed out, check out the video above for a recap.

Here is what Tiesto’s team had to say about our first stop:

Ok so I must admit that this Amherst show threw me off my game… in a great way! Instead of capturing as much amazing footage as I’ve been getting in the nights prior to this I fell into an amazing abyss of FOMO (fear of missing out). I just had to join the crowd and dance or I just would have felt left out. The energy in the air was beyond electric! Each instance of my attempting to carry out my duties was thwarted by glowing grins and an ever-present voice in my head encouraging me to join in their exploits on the main floor. It’s hard to hold a camera when you’re jumping up and down amongst four thousand other like-minded individuals going maximal crazy. My voice isn’t the only thing I lost. I’m pretty sure (like the rest of the crowd) that I lost my mind.

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Certain beats leave a person un-able to do anything but just freak right out…and that’s what was happening last night in Amherst. I keep saying this over and over but once again my thinking that there was no way to keep topping the previous nights was proven oh so wrong. I think I ran up and down the stairs of the arena about 80 times. It seemed that Porter and Tiesto knew exactly what everyone (including myself) wanted to hear…and each time they delivered I just had to respond with the utmost of enthusiasm, although there’s no way I could match the U-Mass students, whose apparent love for the moment reached beyond instant nostalgia. The crowd was classy, sassy, and absolutely irreverently fantastic. Pretty much as irresponsibly responsible as it gets. For all those who raged with us all night and woke up early for class the next morning I have to ask, was it worth it? The answer inevitably is YES YES YES. I think it’s easier to do math after having experienced the most insane party of the year. Soooo, thanks U-Mass! You made me realize once again how much I love all of this and if it weren’t for you we’d all be out of a job! So study hard for the next time Tiesto comes through town… cause you will be tested.

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