Steve Angello Edit and Secret Message From Swedish House Mafia

Posted by on September 19, 2011

Yes, that is in fact a date, September 23, 2011. I found it on SHM’s facebook page, there was also a link to this website 230911. Obviously something awesome is going to happen on this date, what exactly you ask? No idea, but seeing as the wait is only 4 days from now, we will find out soon enough. My guess is they will be announcing their second album. The “11” is written as “II,” which I hope most of you recognize as the roman numeral for “2.”

Another great Facebook find comes from a new member to the FNT family, Spice. She is too busy at the moment to post it herself, but here we are always on the look out for new tunes. Although Axwell is awesome, out of the three from SHM, my favorite would have to be Steve Angello. He can turn any instrumental track into pure gold.

DOWNLOAD: Nari & Milani – Kendo (Steve Angello Size Matters Edit)

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