Skrubz, xKore, At Dawn We Rage, and Noisia

Posted by on September 17, 2011

Everyone remembers the sax man, well this isn’t him, but I would go as far as saying as this track is just as awesome. Skrubz is secretly a favorite of mine, most of what he releases is awesome.

DOWNLOAD: Alexandra Stan – Mr. SaxoBeat (Skrubz Dubstep Remix)

There has been an great amount of of these melodic dubstep tracks being released. xKore made absolute art of Nutronic’s “Run Away.” I am also really glad the first good remix to be created from Porter Robinson’s new album is from At Dawn We Rage. They are really moving up fast, after a great EP that dropped only a little while ago, I have no doubts in their rising popularity.

DOWNLOAD: Nutronic – Run Away (xKore Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Porter Robinson – The Seconds feat. Jano (At Dawn We Rage Remix)

Noisia should be a household name by now, if you have no idea who Noisia is…well shame on you. This remix isn’t set to release until October 24th, but I felt it necessary to at least provide everyone with the low quality available of the track. Noisia has been on a roll lately, this remix is a perfect example.

DOWNLOAD: Labrinth – Earthquake (Noisia Remix)[128LQ]

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