Curious Kontrol, Tronix, Cutline, and Hack The System

Posted by on June 25, 2011

Some of the best dubstep doesn’t come from artists that you know well. In fact some of the greatest made come from artists like these, artists that never really even got 15 minutes of fame. Curious Kontrol turned a so-so Skrillex track into one that should be on everyones dubstep essentials list.

DOWNLOAD: Skrillex – I Wish You All The Luck In The World (Curious Kontrol Remix)

The tronix track is one of the most beautiful dubstep basslines I have heard, very similar to Gemini’s style.

DOWNLOAD: Tronix – Blue Sphere

Cutline is a little more famous than the others on this list, but doesn’t get the hype deserved. This new remix is heavy, but what I enjoy the most about cutline is the heavy beat doesn’t sound mindless.

DOWNLOAD: Aquasky – Take Me There (Cutline Remix)

There isn’t much to say about this last track. For those of you that follow my posts you know what this baby holds in store for you.

DOWNLOAD: Hack The System – Apocalypse

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