Divine Rhyme – Loungin’ | Chill Hip-Hop

Posted by on June 13, 2011

Divine Rhyme seems eerily similar to a gnarly artist I can’t put my finger on, can any of you FNTers out there throw me a bone with this one? If you missed this duo the first three times around the site, don’t slip up again (and yes I’ve thrown some previously posted tracks for those of you that fall under this category). I’m always taken away by these guys crisp production of chill beats backed up with strong lyrical skills. Rather than continuously pumping out tracks to stay in the limelight, Divine Rhyme meticulously refines their tracks until they’re satisfied with the end result. For more information, check out their Facebook Page.

DOWNLOAD: Divine Rhyme – Loungin’ — DOPE


DOWNLOAD: Divine Rhyme – Everyday

DOWNLOAD: Divine Rhyme – Summer Nights (Livin the Life)

Illiphant and Scribe The Verbalist fall under a similar sound as Divine Rhyme so it only seemed fitting to throw them into this post. From what I can tell, Integrated Visuals is one of Scribes first public works but in my opinion it’s his best. To check out his other projects head over to his Facebook. Shouts to @BigDaddyAw for the tip.

DOWNLOAD: Illaphant – Integrated Visuals ft. Scribe the Verbalist

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