Illicit Art – “Chasing Storms” | Dubstep

Posted by on April 25, 2011

This is a change of pace from the usual dubstep I post, but this track is incredible. The vocals in the background make you think this is going to be just some slow dubstep track, then the raps drop in. The raps definitely add to the feel of this track.

DOWNLOAD: Illicit Art – Storm Chasers


For those of you who think the track above sucks…

DOWNLOAD: OOAH – The Love I Need

Drop is crazy in this track, sounds a bit like Skrillex’s style.

DOWNLOAD: Daria Kinzer – Celebrate (Matroda Remix) – HEAVY

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  • Dionysus

    Yo man, love the site and everything you’ve done with it. Unfortunately this post is in valid :/ The person rapping is just rapper, the song is actually the amazing part and its by mt eden (my friends!)

    They are absolutely amazing, check them out!

  • Joe

    yea post mt eden. everything they do is good

  • J rivera

    What’s up, this is J with illicit art.. Once we heard this we had to try something with it. Were not trying to claim it as an original song.. It’s a remix of a remix pretty much. But if you Have any connects for dubstep production we’d love to hear from you.

  • No complaints here, remix or not its sick

  • db07

    The song is actually titled by MT Eden illicit art vocal remix on other sites.. dope lyrics and concept!

  • J

    thanks, well be putting out another on the 1st. on and facebook..

  • Nevermind

    BURIAL. This is BURIAL, people…