Example, Patric Mcfly, and Paper Diamond | Electro

Posted by on April 5, 2011

No better way to start of some sick electro then show off my sword back from being repaired. Yeah thats right, I rock the old school FNT hat. This first track is catchy as all hell. I could have listened to it all day if it weren’t for that Reptile track. Example hasn’t dropped a sick track like this in some time.

DOWNLOAD: Example – Changed The Way You Kiss Me

Someone a few days ago was complaining we don’t put up enough heavy electro. Patric Mcfly made a really heavy, but cool track. Throw in some wobbles and we got a dubstep track.

DOWNLOAD: Patric Mcfly – Teenage Dirthouse

Paper Diamond dropped his track a few days ago. Due to the basslines it is actually Electro-Dub, but don’t let that keep you away from it. He kills it on this track, I would go as far as saying its almost a mashup.

DOWNLOAD: Paper Diamond – All We Do Is

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