Example, Patric Mcfly, and Paper Diamond | Electro

Posted by on April 5, 2011

No better way to start of some sick electro then show off my sword back from being repaired. Yeah thats right, I rock the old school FNT hat. This first track is catchy as all hell. I could have listened to it all day if it weren’t for that Reptile track. Example hasn’t dropped a sick track like this in some time.

DOWNLOAD: Example – Changed The Way You Kiss Me

Someone a few days ago was complaining we don’t put up enough heavy electro. Patric Mcfly made a really heavy, but cool track. Throw in some wobbles and we got a dubstep track.

DOWNLOAD: Patric Mcfly – Teenage Dirthouse

Paper Diamond dropped his track a few days ago. Due to the basslines it is actually Electro-Dub, but don’t let that keep you away from it. He kills it on this track, I would go as far as saying its almost a mashup.

DOWNLOAD: Paper Diamond – All We Do Is

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  • Niku

    The patric mcfly’s song is the remix from DJs from mars (and i’ve never heard the original one from mcfly (can’t find it on youtube too)
    btw this song is more than 1 year old 🙂

  • Colin

    That aint your sword bro
    love your brother

  • It is now since last week 😛
    Your jealous I know, I’ve seen you eye that thing