Zedd, Ftampa, and Rabbit Killer & Insectum | Electro

Posted by on March 22, 2011

Legend of Zelda is one of the most famous games to date, every so often people decide to make remixes of the theme song. I have heard plenty of remixes of this theme, but never have I heard a banging electro remix of it such as this.

DOWNLOAD: Zedd – The Legend Of Zelda

Always loving the heavy electro that gets released. Ftampa is usually know for more dubby sounding electro, so this track came to be a complete surprise. It is not a disappointment though.

DOWNLOAD: Ftampa – Colossus

This track might not be in english, but who doesn’t want to hear some foreign girl talk in another language to them besides maybe a girl, haha. Besides that the saxophone on the electro beat is pretty sick.

DOWNLOAD: Infinity – Nu I Pust (Rabbit Killer & Insectum Remix)


This track is a few months old, but It is a must have. I’m loving the feel good vibe you get from this track.

DOWNLOAD: Robyn – Stars 4-Ever

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