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Posted by on March 8, 2011

Yes you are reading that name correctly, it is not a stutter. Given that each one of these tracks are FIRE, the best one on the “EP” has to be “Freaks and Geeks.” I have to say though I’m really feeling the clap beat and verse on “Lights Turned On.” Donald Glover has AMAZING talent. They say “The sky is the limit,” but I don’t even think the sky can hold him back from reaching for the stars. Below are the downloads for each individual track and CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the zip for the “EP.”

DOWNLOAD: Childish Gambino – Be Alone

DOWNLOAD: Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks

DOWNLOAD: Childish Gambino – My Shine

DOWNLOAD: Childish Gambino – Lights Turned On

DOWNLOAD: Childish Gambino – Not Going Back

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  • Blane

    childish gambino is quick! love this ish. cant wait for more to come

  • Tj

    He kills it.

  • Anonymous

    this shit is tight yo

  • April

    I wish i could get this stuff on my Zune! So great!

  • Katie

    He wrote on 30 Rock, cracked me up on Community, now I get to bust him in my car?! YES YES YES.

  • Chris

    this is sick……

  • Chris

    thank you stumble upon!!!!!

  • Sean

    This guy is amazing !

  • I live right outside of albany!

    That is so sickk

  • josh

    yo, just stumbled this, I was a little iffy on actually droppin a track with the general amount of sht hip-hop that comes up but this is fire. Real talk

  • Jeffre Horny

    yo man my names jeff. i stumbled onto this sight.
    I read the bio and it turns out I go to suny albany too.
    I literally like every genre u mentioned in your bio.
    add me on fb. im trying to get on my production game in the next couple of months

  • Jeffrey Horn

    My name is also Jeffrey Horn not horny. your shit is fire. you really gotta add me. the new age J-live type shit.

  • Sounds good, you did really well on freaks and geeks. If you make more rhymes like that you’ll be amazing!

  • Joey

    You gonna listen to this shit on your zune? Wtf is this a Microsoft add board. Who the hell has a zune?

  • Jiveman

    I respect Donald Glover for his comedic and acting talents. As best as I can tell, his “hip-hop” is actually supposed to be a parody. Sadly though, this music is neither good listening nor funny. Stick to what you know Donald.

  • LeeMcElhatten

    I love Donald Glover on Community and this music is tight as any other rapper out there.

  • matthew

    so sick !

  • Costa410

    made me a fan already

  • hanbanan

    this is sooooo good and i am obsessed

  • Jonesy

    And do yall know he is a comedian too, this dude is hilarious

  • Liam

    Thank you so much stumbleupon! “my dick is made of carrots, all these bunnys wanna eat me!”

  • mo

    STUMBLE UPON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Too many curse words for no reason. I hate that.
    Pretty good though, especially My Shine.

    P.S. StumbleUpon to find this. Join it.

  • thomas

    yo im from mv too what year did you graduate i dont remember any rappers lol i graduated in 2010

  • Allie

    omg hell yeah stumbleupon! yooo im from Cape Cod love that your reppin the area and doin it well good shit

  • Capz

    Amazing i loved every song

  • i like most of his songs he is good and why they dont play good music like this on 979 the beat ?

  • Ed

    guy is gonna be big… it’s just kinda hard to take him serious with a name like that.

  • Anonymous



    thank you stumble upon!!!!!

  • Cape Cod

    Yo Im from the cape you should check out so NokSide and Greedy Irish.. Just some local talent.. see whats up wit it.. I like what your putting out tho

  • K

    Used stumbleupon and came upon this site. Nice tracks.

  • rich

    Oh yeah! I heard about this guy on, he’s tight as sshhiittt

  • joe

    that “girl talk” “freestyle” on the woodie awards was wack as shit.

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  • Cam

    Even though i already knew he brought the fire on every track im proud of stumbleupon

  • Anonymous

    ive been supporting donald since i first heard him about a year ago, i like almost all rap but childish gambino is more than a rapper and he means everything he says. glad he finally blew up.

  • Shickex

    I love Gambino, he truly is a “mastermind.” 🙂
    But what the hell was, “My dick is too big.”
    I don’t see how that was significant. Well LOL, heehee. I liked how he said “Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow.”
    Totally PWNED that (tell me if I’m wrong) I hate that song. Sick beats.

  • Anonymous


    thank you stumble upon!!!!!

  • lame

    files no longer work

  • wut

    llolol stumbleupon

  • Amazed

    amazing man. blowing dam rap

  • Tim

    Loooooooooooooool ! Collie Buddz is soo sick. Check out Vybz kartel, his stuff is really sweet

  • Joe

    This is fucking amazingg!!

  • nancy

    he sound like lil wayne but raps aster then lil wyane beat maybe be better ol compition between lilwayne

  • MikeBoard

    good stuff man keep it up