Kaskade Mashups

Posted by on September 5, 2010

As all my avid followers know, I’m a house junkie especially for tracks with melodic accapellas. Therefore it should come as no surprise that one of my favorite DJ’s out right now is Kaskade, who’s latest album release catapulted him into the big leagues. Below are a few dirrtyyyy mashups, which Ryan released as promo tracks. If you’d like to see Kaskade at an FNT Halloween bash in the city, let us know in the comments section.

Kaskade seamlessly mashes one of the summer’s hottest tracks with his very own in order to produce a deep progressive track.
Kaskade vs. Alex Guadino – I’ll Never Dream I’m In Love (4.5 Stars)

Deadmau5’s incredible progressive house track, Brazil, just begs for Haleys angelic vocals. Seriously, this mash adds a perfect dimension to the original.
Haley vs. Deadmau5 – Falling In Love With Brazil – Kaskade’s Mash Up (5 Stars)

Swedish House Mafia’s One (Your Name) ft Pharell will be taking over fraternity speakers near you this fall/year so naturally I’m always interested to hear new interpretations of the original. Kaskade didn’t let me down with this house-club joint.
Kaskade vs. Swedish House Mafia – Fire In Your New Shoes vs. One (4.5 Stars)

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