Bass | Willis Nillis Drops Full Length EP “Analysis Paralysis” On Label Daily Earfood

Posted by on May 23, 2018

Los Angeles has received many musical backdrops from artists shouting it’s name within their music works, but no theme is more fitting than a classic sun-kissed, 808 filled pieces that truly bond common Cali-folk together. LA-based Willis Nillis taps into this aesthetics decisively through his new Daily Earfood EP Analysis Paralysis. The 4 track EP contains mainly instrumentals paired with vocal chops, with the arrangement and writing being where the majority of the EP’s heart comes from.

Music has always been a release for Nillis, as a youngster who didn’t have the generic happy high school experience, his frustrations have turned into positives as his healthy venting has lead to a quality, prosperous musical career thus far.

Something tells me this won’t be the last time we see the soloist.

Bass | Teminite Teases “Rattlesnake” Alongside Evilwave Ahead Of New Abum “Uprising”

Posted by on May 23, 2018

With his new album Uprising continuing to be dramatically revealed single by single, the hype is real regarding the large-than-life solo producer’s upcoming work. With over 100K followers on his SoundCloud alone, Teminite stands above the rest in bass with his ridiculously adventurous tracks that reliably burst with refreshing personality. “Rattlesnake,” produced alongside his companion Evilwave, finds a shockingly perfect medium between the world of bass, rock, and pop; the empowering elements of each colliding on this one single to deliver it’s edge.

Teminite has been a popular star in the melodic bass scene, “Rattlesnake” is another affirmation that his new LP Uprising is going to destroy.

Chill, House | Teddy Rose’s “I Know” Strong Successor In String Of Club-Fueled Remixes

Posted by on May 22, 2018

Between nailing nearly 1 million streams combined collectively on the Teddy Rose alias and playing dozens of show this year and last. The confident and empowering DJ continues his steady stream of remixes that fit an anytime environment – a key element to the Teddy Rose success strategy.

“I Know” takes the minor chord route, displaying a nostalgic but colorful drop in the comfortably wrapped single that completely enhances the soft and innocent nature of Jocelyn Alice. Teddy Rose is a motivated individual who seems to, in part, want to spread that nationwide. Given his track record and social media videos, it’s safe to say he’s doing so pretty effectively.


Chill | Josefine Collaborates With Award-Winning Artist On Single “Do It For Me”

Posted by on May 21, 2018

2018 bore witness to the marriage between an emerging talent and an industry veteran in the uplifting track “Do It For Me.” Featuring vocals by singer Josefine and Emmy award winning producer Justin Trugman. The single contains deep soulful lyrics alongside tight and optimized instruments that complement each other perfectly. The rhythm and choice of sounds reverberates with years of experience, giving emphasis on Josephine’s lovely voice.

Hailing from Stockholm, Josefine is a 24 year old songwriter and singer with solid track record and unique promise, putting out singles that have gone on to received millions of plays collectively. Likewise, Justin Trugman has produced for the likes of Backstreet Boys and Pitbull, providing an incredible canvas for “Do It For Me” to spread its incredible mix of talents. The single’s fusion of go-to pop elements paired with a keen sense of the dance music soundscape is infectious.

Chill, Nu Disco | Sparkee and PINEO & LOEB’s Release Deadmau5 Supported Single “Feel It” ON Westwood Recordings

Posted by on May 21, 2018

Receiving some typical sarcastic but positive attention from a legend, Sparkee and PINEO & LOEB’s track “Feel It” dropped earlier in the month, Deadmau5 playing it out on his Twitch stream, both criticizing and complimenting it. This high energy piece of music features wild synths and an intense, pulse-pounding rhythm backed by exceptional production quality. Sparkee brings his own talents to bear with his use of basslines, himself having remixed the mau5 previously and receiving critical acclaim, yet this time providing a groovy foundation for “Feel It” that donates his iconic energy and feel.

PINEO & LOEB are a relatively new set of talent emerging from Nova Scotia but are hitting the game hard with a ton of enthusiasm, skill and fresh creativity. Blending elements of rock and hip hop alongside other elements,these new comers are a welcome sight within the dance scene. Sparkee has a host of records and experience under his belt, this single being a style that shows off an uplifting side.

Trap | SUAHN Adds Trap Twist To ShiShi’s Original “Just A Taste”

Posted by on May 21, 2018

SUAHN brings you much more than a sampling this year with the release of his “Just A Taste” remix, originally produced by SHiShi. Featuring vocals with Wes Wrtier and BAER, this stylistic powerhouse slaps with its aggressive and pumping style. SUAHN, an up-and-comer with a nack for dark and atmospheric style, utilizes his exceptional sense of timing and pauses to create moving tension and releases moments within the song that leave eager listeners mashing the replay button.

Adding in the vocals which fit into the piece almost too well and you have the exceptionally crafted trap floor shaker that gives “Just a Taste” of what SAUHN has to offer. Alongside the music, soloist has tackled everything from a ThisSongIsSick premiere to an official Trap Nation release, something that can take DJ/producers years to accomplish. With support form established taskmasters paired with consistent releases has SUAHN on the right track.

Trance, Videos | SUBMERSIVE Drops Official Video For Psy-Trance Single “Awaken”

Posted by on May 21, 2018

Combining fast paced rhythms with an eastern vibe, SUBMERSIVE brings listeners to a uniquely crafted soundscape in his new single “Awaken.” With a metaphysical tinge inflating the composition, this needle-pushing single taps into a a sweet psy-trance spot the sub-genre’s fanbase will latch onto.

Earning over two million views on Spotify alone, SUBMERSIVE is quickly rising within the trance scene, techniques of overlying vocal combinations that give an almost ethereal quality are a familiar sight within SUBMERSIVE singles, including “Awaken.” With this new video now expanding on the vibe of the single, “Awaken” is certain to become a staple in the foundation of his growth and influence.