Electronic | Cristian Marchi’s ‘Fast Cars & Superstars’: The Soundtrack to Wild Nights and Freedom

Posted by on February 28, 2024

Cristian Marchi, a name synonymous with the pulse of Italian dance music, has been setting the standard on the scene for over three decades. His hit “Love Sex American Express” not only charted a course for dance music enthusiasts but also encapsulated his vibrant approach to music. Marchi’s journey through the realms of sound has been characterized by his seamless fusion of genres, a palpable passion for music, and a unique ability to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Marchi’s performances, from the electric atmosphere of clubs to the grandeur of international festivals, have solidified his status as a must-see act. His talent for creating moments of musical euphoria has endeared him to fans across the globe, making any event featuring him a memorable one.

In a recent venture, Marchi teamed up with Paolo Sandrini to produce “Fast Cars & Superstars,” a track that exemplifies the essence of his musical direction. Featuring the distinctive vocals of Reverend Haus from Los Angeles, the song is a celebration of the night, encapsulating the thrill of the dancefloor with an infectious energy.

Born in Mantua in 1976, Marchi’s ascent in the music world was marked by his ability to blend different sounds, earning him international acclaim. His work, including a notable discography with hits and collaborations, has cemented his place as an influencer and innovator in dance music. Marchi’s ongoing contributions to the genre underscore a career built on creativity, connection, and the continuous evolution of sound.

Albums | Tobtok & PS1 Join Forces For Debut Collaboration ‘Drive’

Posted by on February 11, 2024

UK independent dance label, Perfect Havoc, isn’t slowing down in 2024. February welcomes
a label first as influential electronic Swedish talent, Tobtok, joins forces with NYC native,
PS1. In their debut collaboration ‘Drive’ they combine their multi-platinum selling talents into
a captivating vocal-led cut, and feature the voice of fast-rising alt-pop star, Georgia Meek.

Tobtok, also known as Tobias Karlsson, with a substantial following of more than 700k monthly Spotify listeners, stands out as a highly skilled artist at the forefront of the Swedish electronic scene. Renowned for his original tracks such as the double platinum ‘Fast Car’, remixes, and collaborations with artists like Joel Corry, Robin Schulz, and Karen Harding, Tobtok has secured deals with prestigious labels such as Ministry of Sound, Soave, Kitsuné, and his home of many years, Perfect Havoc.

Noteworthy achievements include Tobtok’s ‘Miami Poolside’ compilation for Toolroom Records, and the 2020 release ‘New Levels,’ which garnered BBC Radio 1’s ‘Tune of the Week’ and prominent DJ support from Sam Feldt, Sigala, and Tiësto. Tobtok’s evolving sound has embraced a more experimental and dancefloor-oriented production style of late, leading to his 2023 debut EP ‘My Friends’ with farfetch’d, and further signings to the respected Selected label. With over 650m streams to his name, Tobtok continues to innovate in each and every studio production.

Albums | Josh Teed drops “Just Breathe”

Posted by on February 9, 2024

Denver-based experimental bass producer and violinist Josh Teed has made a name for himself through his distinct approach to electronic music.

Blending expertly crafted, left-of-center bass sound design, symphonic instrumentation, and lush, ethereal atmospheres, Josh Teed’s style has led him to touring slots with big name bass acts such as CloZee, Dirtwire, and Koan Sound; a performance at a Pretty Lights Official Pre Party; releases on influential label Gravitas; and collaborations with artists such as Chmura, Notlö, and more.

Now, following the release of his 2022 full-length album Recurring Dream and subsequent remix album, Josh Teed is revving up towards his next EP, Taking It All In – a 6-track package being released via The Gradient Perspective Records.

Filled to the brim with cinematic electronic stylings and Teed’s signature bass production, the artist designed his new EP to be a reflection of his life journey thus far. Having grown up in New Hampshire, lived in Vietnam as a basketball player and coach, and then entered the music industry as a bass music disruptor, Taking It All In represents a rumination on life’s twists and turns – and acts a reminder to cherish every moment and embrace whatever might come your way.

As a result, Josh Teed’s new EP retains many of the elements his fans have grown to love while pushing his sound into new directions. With a further emphasis on melodic expression, lead vocals, and granular synthesis, Taking It All In seamlessly blends pop sensibilities with intricate production flourishes, a combination that marks a new sonic turn in Teed’s career.

“‘Just Breathe’ was one of my favorite tracks to work on from this upcoming EP. The combination of Chuuwee’s lyrical skills and Logan’s (Bl?m) beautiful voice really make for a unique, soulful vibe in this tune. This EP was about stepping out of my normal wheelhouse, and this track is the one that puts that approach on full display. 
“As for the tour, this will be my 3rd national headline tour, and I wanted to push myself to make this one the best yet. I’ll be adding piano and electronic drum pad into my sets alongside the violin now, and will be carefully curating the sets along with custom visuals.” Josh Teed


Electronic | Dunes of Dawn Marks a New Era in Their Story with Latest Release ‘Dimension’

Posted by on February 9, 2024

Dunes of Dawn are making an indelible mark with their unique sound and dedication to the craft. Their latest venture, “Dimension,” released under the acclaimed In Rotation/Insomniac Records, emerges as a compelling narrative in what is their musical journey. While the duo, Tanner and Yianni, have always been at the heart of this project, it’s their creations that often steal the spotlight, and “Dimension” is no exception.

This track stands out as a bold exploration into heavy techno, setting itself apart with its mesmerizing dark melodies and robust percussion. What makes “Dimension” particularly intriguing is how it encapsulates the duo’s evolution in sound. It’s as though with each beat and melody, listeners are invited into a carefully constructed dystopian world, a hallmark of Dunes of Dawn’s ability to craft immersive audio experiences.

Beyond just being another single, “Dimension” represents a leap forward, not just for Tanner and Yianni, but for the genre as a whole. Their approach to blending vocal samples with electronic elements showcases a harmonious balance between human emotion and the mechanical precision of techno music.

As Dunes of Dawn continue to ride the wave of their recent successes, including memorable performances and their growing Spotify listenership, “Dimension” serves as a beacon of their artistic growth and their potential to shape the future of electronic music. With the anticipation building for their next release, “Phonetics,” with Nervous Records, will surely continue to innovate and the magnetic pull of their sound will continue to spread and blossom.

Albums | $TEVOXCV Drops New Album, ‘NIGHTS IN GIDI’

Posted by on February 6, 2024

Born Steve Okolo, $tevoxcv emerges as a dynamic force in the realm of afrobeats and hip-hop, bringing forth a refreshing blend of genres that captivates audiences worldwide. Hailing from Nigeria but finding creative solace in London, $tevoxcv’s musical journey reflects a rich tapestry of influences, culminating in his latest 8-track project, ‘NIGHTS IN GIDI.’

‘NIGHTS IN GIDI’ serves as a testament to $tevoxcv’s evolution as an artist, pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted creative territories. The project is a fusion of hip-hop, afrobeats, pop, and trap, showcasing $tevoxcv’s unparalleled versatility and innate talent.

Albums | 4batz – act ii: date @ 8 (juuku flip)

Posted by on February 4, 2024

Renowned DJ and producer juuku has once again showcased his prowess with a captivating & emotional reinterpretation of 4batz’s hit single “act ii: date @ 8.” Following his revelation at Countdown Music Festival on New Year’s Eve, juuku continues to solidify his position as a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene. Tune in to the remix above now and keep an eye on juuku in 2024, with his face now revealed I see some more big moves up his sleeve for the rest of the year!

House | On Deck and Jazmin Dexx Collaborate on Club Anthem ‘Hypnotic’

Posted by on February 2, 2024

“Hypnotic” serves up an electrifying blend of sounds, thanks to helpful talents of On Deck and Jazmin Dexx. This tech house tune takes listeners on a thrilling ride, merging a fast tempo with deep, impactful percussion and all around strong production. It’s like stepping into a future world, yet it’s also the ultimate track to get a club buzzing. The magic of this song lies in its details, offering a listening experience that’s both immersive and exhilarating.

On Deck is a growing force within the electronic scene. With a history as the host of Audio Foreplay on Insomniac Radio and now leading Night Moves Music and managing A&R for Brooklyn Fire Label, he’s woven into the fabric of the music industry. His connections stretch across respected labels like Universal Music Group, Insomniac Records, and Ultra Records, showcasing his broad influence and keen ear for what’s next in music.

Meanwhile, Jazmin Dexx has made a splash in Los Angeles and beyond with her robust tech house vibes. Known for her dynamic sets and ability to mix beats with precision, she’s quickly become a favorite in the club scene. Her standout performance at Night Trip and her hit “Stimulation” climbing the charts underline her talent and the strong impression she’s making on the tech house world.

Looking forward, both artists are on the brink of exciting developments. Dexx, in particular, is gearing up for her 2024 release, which promises to push the boundaries of tech house even further. “Hypnotic” symbolizes the growing influence in shaping the future of electronic music, offering a sound that’s not only about getting lost in the rhythm but also about experiencing the innovation these 2 bring to the table.