Electro, House | Epikker Share Electro-House Vibes In ‘Joyride’

Posted by on September 19, 2021

Epikker follows up their “Nobody Knows,” remix with a colorful original they’ve titled “Joyride.” This single bursts with positive vibes via it’s electro-house components, yet it could trigger some throwback feelings depending on how old the listener is who experiences the tune.

Thumping, synth heavy, and highly melodic, the track hits all the right pressure points to send a desire to dance through the body. The arrangement enhances the catchiness going on within, the track being easy to repeat and containing plenty to love.

Epikker has plenty of aesthetics that are easy to latch onto. Made up of Henry Strange and Suniel Fox, the two bring a balance to one another that compounds into a energy of endless possibilities.

Alternative, Pop | Newcomer Toronto artist, LOR explores addiction & heartbreak in her moving second single, “SIP”

Posted by on September 18, 2021

Upcoming Toronto based vocalist and songwriter LOR returns on the scene with her new single and second release to date entitled “Sip.” Honest and introspective, the new track sees the rising artist recall a difficult time in her past when a relationship with a partner who suffered from alcoholism began to have a negative impact on their relationship, and her as a partner and a human being.  This one hits deep, so stream it out above now and read a quote from LOR on the single below now.

“Sip is an emotional diary entry from a time where my head and heart felt ravaged. It’s about the sort of ‘crazy’ another person can swindle you into feeling – the madness starts to seep into your being. It becomes a sick, fun game you can’t stop playing.” – LOR

Deep House | Running Touch’s ‘Ceilings’ A Deep House Journey Not To Be Missed

Posted by on September 18, 2021

If you have not heard of Running Touch, now is the time to get acquainted. “Ceilings,” is now out and gives a sliver of understanding as to why this solo artist has been in such demand in the late 2010’s and now going forward. “Ceilings,” shares many club-friendly elements within it, from the eased- ticking of the 128 BPM house tempo to the light organ chords and notes. The aspects are certainly charming, but it’s the vocals that truly make this work stand out.

Running Touch shares more behind “Ceilings,” below:

“I thought the verses to be all the questions and problems, the chorus to be this disregard for those things and the release. It flourishes. Cycles – just like we experience. The name ‘Ceilings’ is a reference to our subconscious, all the unsolved feelings and tensions that dictate us.”
– Running Touch

As the quote shares, Running Touch clearly looks inward when it comes to the ‘why’ behind the music. His artist direction and creative output is easy to latch on to, for surface level reasons as well as very introspective reasons too.

“Ceilings,” is available to listen to in full above. If digging what is heard, he’s got a thick catalog to fall back that certainly stands the test of time.


Hip-Hop | Tlona Tiabi releases new track ‘Never Ever Land’

Posted by on September 16, 2021

Southern-born, west coast based recording artist “Tlona Tiabi” pronounced (Tee-loan-uh / Tee-yah-be) is mastering his sound “Trap Soul”. Never Ever Land sails on a stripped-back mellow beat; its narrower mystic music production has a dreamy effect. The track is personal to the artist; his deep thinking and connection with his birthplace give insight into another world of relationship experiences involving family, friends, and
lovers. The music video unlocks an ethereal illusion into TIona Tiabi’s creative process. Be sure to check out Never Ever Land.

“Never Ever Land” is about Tlona iabi’s birthplace. NeverEverLand is a floating island in space where there are no
boundaries. It is known as a place where positive escapism is a way of life. The people overn the island, and all live at peace with themselves & one another eternal life. Everything on the island is organic from the alkaline rivers, the psilocybin flowers and the THC clouds. Never Ever Land has numerous suns & moons which makes this difficult to keep track of time”.

Albums | Lexxicon explores the joys of new love in vibrant, Dancehall & Afro-fusion inspired single,

Posted by on September 16, 2021

Canada-based multi-genre artist Lexxicon has released a slick music video for his new single, “Power Over Me” recently and it’s dope. Vibrant, eclectic and full of life, this new single perfectly reflects Lexxicon both as an artist and as a human being. This track is also the first taste of his forthcoming album, ‘Power Over Me’ also sets the tone for the assortment of sounds, textures and themes expected from the artist’s third studio album, Tropicon Islands. Read a quote on the release below now and check out the rad new visual above now.

“After traveling to the island, the couple has time to reflect on how they feel about each other.  The song touches on the blinding love that you feel when you’ve found the ‘one’. It’s like nothing else matters because they are all you see, want, and care about.  Almost as if, they have this divine control over you. This is a song for those in love or those in the honeymoon stages of their new relationship.”

Dance, Pop | SVDKO Debuts His Own Vocals On Exciting New Single “Wild”

Posted by on September 16, 2021

Without a doubt, SVDKO has established himself as an eclectic and forward-thinking voice within electronic music over the past years, slowly finding his artistic identity while never being afraid to experiment. Following an impressive string of singles that have perfectly displayed his versatility and knack for combining multiple genres into a cohesive sonic result, the Belgium-based producer has now unveiled his latest single, “Wild.”

What makes “Wild” so special, other than its catchy guitar lines and tight low end, is SVDKO’s singing, which appears for the first time in one of his tracks – and hopefully not the last. “Wild” holds a distinct summer sound with its sparkly guitar arpeggios and SVDKO’s personal vocal lines, and we couldn’t be more excited to keep following the talented artist and see where he takes things next.  

“’Wild’ is my first ever dance song featuring my own vocals. I’ve been inspired by the freedom that I’m finally able to witness in my life; I just want to live my life to the fullest and it really makes me feel Wild. This song definitely has a summer vibe to it with its vintage sound and electric guitars, and listening to it already makes me nostalgic since the summer is gone,“ says SVDKO. 


Posted by on September 15, 2021

Dr. B-Bay possesses a story unlike most. Hailing from Houston, Texas as a doctor of dental surgery which was first and foremost in his life, he inherited a passion for music from a very young age that has always been a part of him. Now at a stage in his life where he feels he can combine the two with a relentless pursuit, B-Bay has since released a plethora of music over the recent years, heavily influenced by T.I., Tupac, and Lil Wayne to name but a few. His new single “Checks” is a confident new track with a fresh, upbeat and melodically catchy vibe. Tune in above now!