Electronic | hypernaut Elevates Joint Effort with AVELLO in VIP Remix of ‘Take Me There’

Posted by on June 21, 2024

AVELLO and hypernaut’s, “Take Me There,” which started as a series of demos, has evolved into a standout VIP that’s hard to turn away from. hypernaut’s UKG twist adds a reflective and melodic element to it – generating an all around smooth and seamless experience.

hypernaut, an emerging DJ/producer from Orlando, began to attract attention with his unique style, culminating in a victory at the 2023 EDC Orlando Discovery Project. This win provided him the opportunity to perform on the Circuit Grounds stage at EDC Orlando, alongside artists like Nia Archives, Alesso, and San Holo. hypernaut has also supported renowned acts like JSTJR, Robin Shulz, Joyryde, Cheat Codes, MUST D!E, and Dash Berlin – with plenty more in the chamber in 2024, hypernaut is easily labeled as one to watch.

AVELLO has carved out a notable presence in the electronic music scene, with his original productions signed to respected labels like Insomniac’s Bassrush, Lost In Dreams, and Excision’s Subsidia. He has opened for major artists such as Excision, Slander, Seven Lions, Flux Pavilion, Kaivon, and Gryffin. AVELLO has also performed at prominent festivals including EDC Orlando, Corona Electric Beach, Forbidden Kingdom, and Moonrise Festival, showcasing his talent on various significant stages.


Electronic | ‘PivoT’ EP by IGOR360: A Journey Through Laid-Back Yet Expressive Compositions

Posted by on June 21, 2024

Igor Elie-Pierre, also known as IGOR360, has made huge strides in the fashion industry with his immersive visual identities and multisensory branding strategies. Now, he’s ready to extend his influence with his latest project, a groundbreaking EP titled ‘PivoT’ and an avant-garde dance film called “Merged Subjects.”

‘PivoT’ is a seamless fusion of various musical genres and cultural influences, characterized by its laid-back yet expressive compositions. Each track takes listeners on a journey of musical exploration, resonating deeply on both a kinesthetic and synesthetic level. The accompanying film, “Merged Subjects,” features contemporary dancers Emma Gordon and Madison Lynch, whose intuitive movements and visuals explore themes of moral intuition, mirroring, and intersubjectivity.

Based between Paris, New York City, and Toronto, Igor Elie-Pierre is a pioneer at the intersection of art and technology. With a strong passion for creating profound emotional impacts, he aims to infuse humanity into the digital realm. His work transcends traditional boundaries, inviting audiences to experience the beauty of movement and the resonance of shared emotion in a digital age.

House | Ravell – Like That

Posted by on June 21, 2024

Ravell’s influence in the electronic dance music scene is vast. He has captivated audiences at prestigious venues like Coachella’s Sahara Tent, XS Nightclub, Encore Beach Club, EDC Las Vegas, and Beyond Wonderland. His tracks have amassed millions of streams on Spotify, with hits such as “Get Away” and “That Body” receiving backing from prominent figures like Kaskade, Martin Garrix, Tiesto, and Galantis. One standout moment in his career was performing to a crowd of 20,000 at the enormous Convention Center in Los Angeles.

Ravell’s roots trace back to Los Angeles, where his enthusiasm for house music and energetic electronic began. In his early days, he played local clubs, dedicating himself to developing a sound that merges catchy rhythms with a driving pulse. This period of experimentation and growth was crucial in shaping his distinctive style.

Released on his own label Kazaa, “Like That” delivers a dark, enticing atmosphere with a fusion of tech house and bass house sounds. Light feminine chants introduce an exotic flair, creating a track that’s both gripping and immersive, leaving listeners wanting more.


Albums | THMPSN drops new track “Nicole Aniston”

Posted by on June 19, 2024

Australian-bred, Las Vegas-based phonk producer/DJ and violinist THMPSN is a man of many talents. First starting as a classically trained, internationally-touring musician (playing in orchestras at Dvorak Hall in Prague, Rheingoldhalle in Mannheim, opening the Australian embassy in Berlin, as well lecturing at the French Conservatory of Music), THMPSN then moved to the United States and grew notoriety as a viral content creator. After building the YouTube channels of fitness legends Bradley Martyn and Calum Von Moger (while using their videos to promote his house bangers) and increasing his own fame with viral violin clips, THMPSN is now focusing on his other passions – into new genres and new endeavors.

THMPSN unveils the first single of this new era, “Nicole Aniston,” an official collaboration with Memphis hip-hop legend Kingpin Skinny Pimp, who has become the heaviest sampled artist in the entire phonk genre. Named after the adult film star (who also recorded vocals on the track), “Nicole Aniston” is a drift phonk banger that combines the genre’s signature aesthetic with elegant string arrangements.

Nicole Aniston” kicks off with haunting piano arpeggios and deep bass tones underlying a spoken passage from Aniston talking about the healing power of reiki. The track then drops into its central phonk beat – a cacophony of trunk-rattling kick-drum patterns, spacious snare hits, and bursts of stuttering hi-hats driving over Kingpin Skinny Pimp’s smooth rap verse.

The track then builds to its cinematic climax, an emotional medley of thumping beats and swirling, lush violin lines.

The track release coincides with an official music video self-directed by THMPSN, who flexes his filmmaking chops on a propulsive, high-energy montage. Kicking off with a shot of THMPSN in a reiki session with Nicole Aniston, the music video then transitions to provocative images of women working on cars spliced with high-speed, aerial shots of drift car racing – an appropriate combination of visuals that emblematize the drift phonk vibe of the track.

The video is also emblematic of THMPSN himself, who, in addition to his loves of electronic music, violin, fitness, and animals, has immersed himself into the drift car world as an amateur driver – yet another addition to the THMPSN lore, a layer that solidifies him as a one-of-a-kind individual.

Albums | Australian newcomer drops first taste of upcoming EP

Posted by on June 13, 2024

Eli is a new project from Melbourne, AUS based upcoming artist/producer Luca Pascucci who is making a unique blend of alternative-dance music with energetic-club and hyper-pop/punk influences, which can be likened to a mix between Skin On Skin, Bladee, and Nia Archives. His eclectic vibe is uplifting and the new music you can check out above now is a very impressive introduction to his sound. Read a quote from him on the release after the jump!

“This first song was the last one I wrote and produced. I made this one quite quickly over just a couple sessions while sitting on a friends couch in their apartment overlooking the shops and busy streets. I had been listening to Scan’s “Bees” on repeat for days and felt like I wanted to make something like that; high energy, rhythmically chaotic with a sense of ‘politely, fuck you’, and as I wrote the lyrics it became clear this was not going to be a typically written track; less ‘verse, chorus, verse’ and more of a continuous train of thought, almost as if it was freestyled. I wanted this track to open the ep as well as showcase the beginning of this project because I feel it very quickly represents what Eli is about. Energetic electronica, more modern club-inspired production, and self-reflective lyricism. The lyrics represent the way I feel about making music and what it means to me—the doubtfulness of creating and the feeling of being out of your depth.” ~ Eli

Albums |

Posted by on June 12, 2024

ZUSO is a project from Australian producer Gabriel Cuenca, who is crafting an invigorating atmospheric-house sound that is incredibly infectious. His new single “Amber” is the perfect vibe to wrap up your week to, so enjoy it now above!

“I’ve really gone for that liquid dnb vibe with this one, combining those fast paced rhythms and drums with my smooth melodic sound. Inspired by the sounds of nature, it almost gives off a jungle type feel, allowing you to escape and get lost in the rhythm and music of the forest. The atmospheres created aim to play off that andI really hope it does the same for you.”~ ZUSO

Albums | Dublin-based rapper Graham releases new LP

Posted by on June 12, 2024

Dublin-based rapper Graham, a key figure in Ireland’s burgeoning hip-hop scene, is set to release his highly anticipated sophomore album, FACTS. This 11-track project, produced entirely in collaboration with his long-term partner Hikii, promises to be a breakout moment, showcasing Graham’s exceptional lyrical talent, intricate penmanship, and dynamic, soulful production style.

FACTS features a vibrant list of Irish collaborators, including prominent female artists such as Becky McNeice, Hugh Hempner, and Ellen Lyons. The lead single, ‘Falling’, features established and rising alt-pop singer-songwriter Becky McNeice, whose lush, pop-woven melodies and glittering lyricism provide a perfect platform for Graham’s introspective rhymes and flows. The track delves into the complexities of relationships, offering a nostalgic lens that resonates deeply with listeners.