R&B | Pisceze unveils her sleek new R&B single “Play it Back”

Posted by on October 12, 2021

Toronto, Canada-based upcoming singer-songwriter Pisceze returns just in time for cuffing season with her sleek new R&B single titled “Play it back.” The track was produced in collaboration with Matt Law, 4nghts, Kovi, Booqs, Cameron Joseph, and ANDRO and the cornucopia of sounds are the perfect instrumental for her silky smooth vocals. Check out “Play it Back” above now!

Electronic | Dot – Want To Say

Posted by on October 12, 2021

After releasing her album “Life Support” earlier this year, LA based producer Dot is back with a brand new offering. Out now via Bitbird, “Want To Say” is a chill forward thinking production that features Dot’s own vocals.

Progressive House | Mt. Sierra Drops Deep and Meaningful Single ‘Stop Yourself’

Posted by on October 11, 2021

Continually pumping out jams that ride the line between progressive, deep, and tech house, Matt Sierra is bringing forth excellent electronic jams again and again. Following up 2021 singles “Mt. Joel,” “When It Rains,” and now, “Stop Yourself,” it’s becoming more clear the angle that this artist is going for.

“Stop Yourself,” is his October 2021 release, featuring some elements that we have seen from his past releases, but boasting an original attitude here that’s easy to enjoy again and again.

It’s no wonder that Mt. Sierra’s production chops are up to this level, he’s a graduate of Icon Collective, one of the most respected electronic education institutions in America. Clearly the education and connection he built up there is playing as a positive into his career today.

If you like what “Stop Yourself,” has to offer, dive into to what his catalog bares thus far, you won’t be disappointed.


House | Luke Alexander Puts His Twist On Popular Single ‘Don’t Tell Em’

Posted by on October 9, 2021

“Don’t Tell Em,” is an electrifying house cover thanks to the talents of Luke Alexander. “Don’t Tell Em,” is a twist on a 2015 classic originally created by Jeremih & YG, the version that Alexander has put on it does justice to the original, blending in sounds that combine aspects of modern electronic, Luke Alexander’s style, as well as the structure of the original. Commanding and all-consuming, the track contains many triggers that will elate those in the club, a location which Luke Alexander is highly familiar with.

The captivating single follows up another winner of a tune released back in February titled, “Try Again,” alongside Simon Blaze, which went on to critical acclaim and nearly 100,000 streams on Spotify alone.

The man is passionate about exploring many genres, house music just happening to be the wavelength he is feeling expanding on at this time.

Luke Alexander has been booked at some of the hottest clubs in the nation, LIV Miami, DAER South Florida, Sony Hall NYC, and Somewhere Nowhere NYC being just a few of the names under his belt.

Albums, House | Besomorph Unleashes House Heater “Heartbreak Hotel” Alongside Anthony Keyrouz And Jon Paul

Posted by on October 9, 2021

With multiple releases on Universal Music/Virgin and official remixes for the likes of Topic, Tujamo, A7S and more, LA-based talent Besomorph holds more than 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify under his three aliases, and has undoubtedly won the hearts of many with his unique take on house music. After growing up in Germany, he has successfully made the relocation to LA and has seen his career explode over the last couple of years, becoming the finalist on John Lennon’s Songwriting Competition 2020 with his song “Anxiety” and reaching over 100k subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

Now, following acclaimed singles such as “You So Loose” and “Crush,” Besomorph has enlisted Lebanese producer Anthony Keyrouz and singer/songwriter Jon Paul for “Heartbreak Hotel.” Besomorph and Anthony Keyrouz hit it big last year with a number of successful collaborations, among them “Apologize,“ “Death Bed” and “Virus,” so this house heater is bound to become a massive hit as well.  

“Heartbreak Hotel” is part of Chapter RED, a phase of Besomorph’s new branding line, defined by dangerous love games, destructive behavior and mental distress, with red symbolizing danger and toxicity. As Besomorph explains: “Heartbreak Hotel is a place we all meet, which is a place of sadness, but only meant for a temporary stay.”

Indie | The Wormholes Share Stunning New 10-Track Project ‘Light in the Dark’

Posted by on October 9, 2021

Making their highly-anticipated return after their massive debut ‘Cosmic Propaganda’ back in 2018, The Wormholes have just shared their sophomore project ‘Light in the Dark,’ and the result couldn’t be more impressive. Spanning over 10 immersive tracks, ‘Light in the Dark’ displays the duo’s immaculate vision and skills in the studio, taking listeners on a journey through stories that explore dichotomies in life, from the hard and the soft to the steady and the chaotic. 

The Wormholes is the brainchild of musicians Ben Verner and Chris Walters, who have been active under their moniker since 2015. They wrote and recorded the entire ‘Light in the Dark’ project, which was also mixed by Chris Walters. With such a versatile and well-thought-out sophomore album out into the world, The Wormholes are definitely one of the most promising acts to watch in 2021 and beyond. 

Albums | Nervous Records Reaches 30 Year Milestone, Celebrates With Massive LP

Posted by on October 7, 2021

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve gotten a whiff of electronic label Nervous Records over the years. The imprint has been around for 30 trips around the sun now, with it’s massive catalog of songs having rippled through the public conscienceness to a very deep degree.

Most labels don’t survive 5 years, let alone 30, yet Nervous Records has done it, clearly having generated a working model that stands the test of time.

Celebrating their 30 year milestone, they’ve put together a huge album titled Nervous Records 30 Years. Tapping many of the label mainstays to participate, who have put their efforts in cuts like “You Make Me Feel Mighty Real,” “Treat Me Right,” “Future Groove,” “Feel Like Singing,” all of which can be heard in the LP compilation today.

I’ve always been one to look at what others are doing (the industry at large) and think, ‘ok, are they doing this specific thing for a reason, or doing it because everyone else is doing the same thing’ and make my decision based on that.” 

In an age where data metrics and analytics reign supreme, I remain steadfast that they should be complementary to your decision and not the sole indicator to make one. So many songs today are written with 15 second hooks in mind for social media, and while there’s nothing wrong with that business model you will always be chasing the wave instead of carving out your own path and identity.  
– Nervous Records’ General Manager Andrew Salsano.

Nervous Records isn’t ending it’s era anytime soon, which is great, the electronic music palette simply wouldn’t be the same without them.