House | Burn The Disco Drops Wavy New Bomb ‘Go’

Posted by on July 19, 2019

Burn the Disco’s new single “Go” is a dynamic and energetic reflection of the DJ’s talent. It’s clear from this single that Burn the Disco is ready to take the DJ world by storm, and people have noticed— including Diplo, Ghastly, and Pink Panda.

Go” is a song that deserves to be blasted, which Burn the Disco makes clear with the vocal chops and driving beat. The bass line is constantly in motion, as well as the melodic synths that continuously travel up and down, making the listener not realize they’re holding their breath until the song ends.

With its Blade Runner vibe and bass-heaviness, Burn the Disco’s “Go”is going to set clubs on fire— and this is only the beginning for him.

Hip-Hop | KNDRGRTN Teases Another Single from New EP

Posted by on July 19, 2019

LA-based upstart KNDRGRTN today shares his new single “Blue and Grey”. The track is the second to be released from sophomore EP “Sleeping With My Clothes On” slated for a late-Summer 2019 release.

The follow up to the LA-inspired “City of Angels”“Blue and Grey” brings all the emo hip-hop vibes KNDRGRTN is fast becoming known for. Opening with a soft indie guitar riff laced over a looping beat, KNDRGRTN gets personal on serious topics like depression and attempts to numb his emotions.

What would you do if you were in my shoes? What would you do if you felt my blues? I’m downing”

Produced by ongoing collaborator Beewirks (Pusha T, Lil Wayne, Jeezy)“Blue and Grey”brings to life KNDRGRTN’s alt-rock and hip-hop influences. Growing up in the diverse, culture-rich city of Detroit, Michigan paved the way for a deep love of music. KNDRGRTN talks about that, his writing process and more in a recent on-camera interview with Front Row Live Entertainment. Click here to watch.

Stay up to date with all KNDRGRTN news by following him on Instagram: @stuckinkndrgrtn.

Chill | KIIRA Kills IT With Sensual Single “Four Letter Word”

Posted by on July 16, 2019

With sing-along ability and a relatable, modern deep influenced chill beat, KIIRA’s “ Four Letter Word” comes attached with many highlights that play into why this single sticks so well. Atmospheric affects and reverb/delay layered on the vocals sedate the listener from start to finish. The single is a strong follow-up to the recent success “Worry“ which has acclaimed well over 1 million streams. KIIRA is laying some interesting groundwork to say the least.

KIIRA seems to be one who’s crafted works sure come together organically and in good time. She’s worked with Grammy winning producers and writers who have written along side A-list names such as Odesza. KIIRA has much figured out already and it’s going to be a fascination to see were things go.


Albums | Laxcity’s “Purity” EP will bring you joy

Posted by on July 16, 2019

UK based artist Laxcity just unveiled his new EP and you should take the time to give it a listen. Between his ambient soundscapes and the UK garage single “Focus” there’s a myriad of chill music to vibe out to. Out now on ALT:Vision Records, “Purity” is a 6 track EP that’s an easy listen. Check it out below.

Bass | Draeden Makes His Original Debut With Conquest EP

Posted by on July 15, 2019

The Montreal producer Draeden has made his original debut with the four part Conquest EP. Released on Kannibalen Records, this project technically sees Draeden return to the imprint after an official remix for Sullivan King that was his first official release. The remix was incredible, but in seeing Draeden work with completely original material and bringing to life a concept EP like Conquest is magnificent. Draeden’s multi-genre approach blending classical with bass for a truly cinematic sound is something special that I hope to hear more of very soon! For now, I’ll be enjoying Conquest to the fullest.

Electronic, Pop | CHYLD Teams up with bensbeendead for ‘Can We?’

Posted by on July 15, 2019

CHYLD’s new single “Can We?” featuring bensbeendead sounds like a manifestation of the artist’s name in a nutshell: a bubbly and child-like happiness that makes everyone listening want to smile and bob their heads. Hailing from Boston, CHYLD is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter, and his musical talent is clearly shown in this new single. From the layering of noises such as bird sounds and a crackling fire mixed in with the deep synths of the verses, “Can We?” sounds like the epitome of being young and in love.

The song begins with what sounds like a phone ringtone mixed with a toy piano that invokes a sort of nostalgic and youthful quality, but it quickly progresses into a fire-y beat, making it the perfect summer song; it’s incredibly easy to imagine driving down to the beach with friends while belting this single.

It’s clear from “Can We?” that CHYLD is on the road to greatness, and his genuine, wholesome sound is something that everyone could use in their lives.

Bass, Trap | Egzod and RIELL Unleash Lowly Single Titled “My Stranger”

Posted by on July 12, 2019

France-born, Miami- based Egzod has been a unique player in the bass / melodic bass side of EDM with his cinematic-inspired singles. “My Stranger” is his latest, the single at a minimum to add to his already hefty 50 million streams since 2016. “My Stranger” is a single that is strikingly aware, Riell seemingly reflecting or narrating a story of preying strangers who can be well-disguised and very misguiding, yet the protagonist in the song gives in, the lyrics could be interpreted as a confession of said events even.

However your view of the song, Egzod and Riell pair up nicely, both seeming to have a fun-sense of pop music, but also both come well-equipped with a felt meaningfulness behind their music. Released on Trap Nation’s imprint Lowly, “My Stranger” will be winning over everyone from the innocent to the crass.