House | Riordan Releases Catchy ‘Needle On The Record’ Single Via Gorgon City’s Label REALM Records

Posted by on November 14, 2023

Released via REALM Records, Gorgon City’s label, the fasting-rising talent Riordan has revealed “Needle On The Records,” after teasing it at several festivals in 2023. Influenced by genres like house and UKG, this single builds in cultural cues that will catch the attention of the listeners while grooving to the infectious beat paired with it. Using samples from the original 80’s release, this single is a multi-faceted fascination easy to return to again and again.

The song is one of his most successful to date and gained the nod of approval from names like, Mau P, Gorgon City, Seb Zito, Joshwa, Kyle Watson, and many others.

Riordan shares more about the release:

“This song idea actually started when my Dad sent me the original Needle On The Record track from the 80s, suggesting that the vocal had potential to be made into something new. I had just come back from my first Miami Music Week and was full of inspiration so the ideas started flowing immediately. But this song taught me that good things come to those who wait. It was six months and seven versions of the song later when I finally felt like I had nailed it. That’s the longest it has ever taken me to finish a track, but it was worth it. I sent it to Realm immediately knowing that it was the perfect home for it, and everything seemed to fall into place. “

From headlining Night Tales in London to teeing up for an epic 2024, so much is going right for this artist, and then some. Only 21 years old and a looking at a huge, bountiful future in front of him, Riordan is easily described as one to watch out for.

Albums | Epikker Win Legal Battle, Happily Releasing Long-Awaited ‘VibeKing’ and ‘VibeQueen (Rising High)’

Posted by on November 7, 2023

In October, Epikker, the electronic duo composed of Suniel Fox and Henry Strange, is gearing up to release two new tracks, “Vibeking” and “Vibequeen (Rising High).” Officially released in October, these tracks emerge as a creative output reflecting the duo’s recent confrontations and victories.

Complications arose with the resemblance of “Vibeking” to The Weeknd’s hit, sparking a legal confrontation that threatened to derail their momentum. However, it was this very struggle that brought a new voice into the fold—Luminiah. Her compelling vocals gave new life to “Vibequeen (Rising High),” a beacon of self-empowerment and an ode to reclaiming one’s core.

The essence of “Vibeking” lies in its core—a synthesizer laying down haunting chords, which morph into an expansive sound. This track is less about the storm that led to its creation and more about the hypnotic journey it takes you on. The rhythm is a slow burn; it creeps up on you and wraps around like a velvet cloak, emanating not just sound but emotion and atmosphere.

Then comes “Vibequeen (Rising High),” where the addition of Luminiah’s vocals transforms the track into an anthem of resurgence. Her voice adds texture to the tune, blending seamlessly with the pulsating beats to echo a message of empowerment. It’s easy to imagine this track flowing through the speakers, the bass and her voice entwining to lift the room into a collective high.

Together, these tracks aren’t trying to tell you a story—they’re inviting you to feel one. “Vibeking” captures a mood, a moment of deep reflection, while “Vibequeen (Rising High)” seems to answer back with a triumphant call to rise above.

Epikker’s journey might have shaped these tracks, but the music stands on its own, inviting listeners to find pieces of their own stories within its layers. As the release date approaches, the anticipation isn’t just about hearing from Epikker—it’s about experiencing the immersive world they’ve created, one beat at a time.

Electronic, Pop | Kindur Follows Up BBC Support With Release Of Upbeat Single’Loner’

Posted by on October 27, 2023

Kindur, the pseudonym of Chris Durkin, an artist who seems to understand the zeitgeist of the current age, translating it into a sound that’s as old as Manchester’s cobblestones yet as fresh as morning dew.

While Durkin’s earlier tracks found a rightful home on platforms like BBC Introducing Manchester, it’s “Loner” that truly positions him on the cultural map. On the surface, it might come across as just another dark pop track with electronic undertones. But, as one dives deeper, there’s an intimacy to the narrative that calls back to the personal anthems of a bygone era.

What’s immediately captivating about “Loner” is its authenticity. Culled from the marrow of personal experiences with manipulative relationships, Durkin chooses to voice his own lyrics. The result is a sonic tale of vulnerability, authenticity, and catharsis. The track seamlessly melds a haunting melodic passage with fiery guitars and propulsive synth lines, creating a sonic landscape that’s both evocative and entrancing.

In an age where music often feels commodified, Kindur’s “Loner” reminds us of the transformative power of a genuine narrative. It’s shows Manchester’s age-old tradition of producing sounds that aren’t just heard but felt. And as Kindur charts this new course, one can’t help but feel that he’s not only telling his story but, in many ways, echoing the whispers of his roots.


Albums | Australian artist ZUSO drops “Hold Me”

Posted by on October 19, 2023

ZUSO is a project from Australian producer Gabriel Cuenca, who is crafting an invigorating atmospheric-house sound that can be likened to a mix between Rufus Du Sol, Lane 8 and Flume. Today he is back with his latest offering with new single “Hold Me”, which is being released via indie imprint LOVE CLVB and it’s a mellow vibe. Soothing atmospherics and escapism are two reoccurring themes found in most of ZUSO’s music and it’s the perfect vibe for a rainy day. Tune in above now!

“I wrote the beat quite quickly and then I found the vocal sample in this sample-pack that I remembered using ages ago for one of the first ever demos I made. It just had such a nice chilled and gentle vibe which I really loved. I wanted the song to give off this wholesome calming energy and the ‘Hold Me’ vocal fits that tone perfectly. It definitely has the escapism feel to it as well, which is a common theme I base a lot of my music off. I then added some nice emotionally driven chords and pads along with a nice guitar riff just to add to that feeling, and yea hopefully it’s something you can all relate to and enjoy.” ~ ZUSO

Albums | World music producer SWAYLÓ unveils tribal acid house single “GLOBAL ACID JACK”

Posted by on October 11, 2023

Genre-blending house music producer and promoter SWAYLÓ is an artist defined by his mutli-faceted nature. Growing up on the Zuni Pueblo and later the Navajo reservation – and with South African and Swiss heritage – SWAYLÓ has cultivated a sound that blends elements from across the dance music spectrum with organic instrumentation and global textures. 

This unique style has led the artist to performances at festivals such as Electric Forest, EDC Mexico, Envision, and Lightning In A Bottle, and support slots for world-class acts such as ZHU, Diplo, BLOND:ISH, Noizu, Matroda, Cloonee, Nora En Pure, Jamie Jones, HoneyLuv, Destructo, and many more. 

SWAYLÓ’s talents extend beyond his production skillset, as he’s begun to expand on his global, cosmic dance ethos through other ventures as a label head and venue promoter. With the newly launched imprint/event series Ancient Future Present, SWAYLÓ combines values absorbed from electronic music’s past with forward-thinking innovation to create, unforgettable dancefloor experiences. 

Additionally, as the former talent buyer at C3 Presents and current Entertainment Director at Las Vegas’ renowned AREA15 event space, SWAYLÓ has become an expert at translating his artistic vision into dynamic curation and concert production. 

Today, SWAYLÓ unveils his new single “GLOBAL ACID JACK,” a transportive acid house track that takes fans on a spellbinding listening experience from dark into light. True to his astrological interests, the track is being released in the Waxing Gibbous moon phase –  blending tribal instrumentation with analog synths and an infectious, modern club beat, the “GLOBAL ACID JACK” is a sonic journey through time and space.

The first section of “GLOBAL ACID JACK” is defined by themes of hyper-focus and dedication, as if the song is foretelling a major journey ahead through new worlds. Kicking off with maraca rhythms overlaying a bouncy bassline, the track quickly incorporates thumping kickdrums and sci-fi percussive SFX. Next, the track builds with ascending drums, risers, and a repeated vocal sample before dropping into an acid synth line enveloped by blazing hi-hats and futuristic, techno-oriented sound design – a sonic combination that reflects the track’s ongoing journey to self-actualization. 

The second section of “GLOBAL ACID JACK” represents a take-off into the cosmos, relieving the song’s tension through a no holds barred approach to the production. Evoking images of interdimensional space travel, the track builds on the elements it had already established by closing out with new instruments and sonic elements wrapped in a tectonic, propulsive, and heart-racing atmosphere.   

Filtering past and global sounds through a decidedly futuristic, otherworldly lens, “GLOBAL ACID JACK” is an acute demonstration of SWAYLÓ versatile dance music mindset. As one of his harder tracks, “GLOBAL ACID JACK” fits well in SWAYLÓ’s genre-spanning discography, which can range from afro-house, to melodic house, to more tech and club-oriented soundscapes.  As a result, the track portends an exciting future for the Ancient Future Present and its mission to make everyone groove. 

Connecting multiple layers of rave, techno, acid, and tribal influences, I created this one to take you on a journey and exploration of outer dimensional and new worlds. Emphasizing the legendary TB-303 acid synth line, which keeps the energy pulsating and driving throughout, the tribal percussion merge with 90s throwback sounds, booming sub-frequencies, and warehouse vocals.” – SWAYLÓ

Albums | Chloe Mogg’s debut album ‘The Crazy One’ is out now

Posted by on October 10, 2023

Chloe Mogg’s debut album, “The Crazy One,” is a vibrant and emotionally charged musical journey that skillfully blends an array of influences, resulting in a captivating sonic experience. Hailing from Worcestershire, Chloe has been a prominent figure in the West Midlands music scene, both as a journalist and a singer-songwriter, and this album showcases her immense talent and dedication.

The album, which Chloe has been meticulously crafting for the past six years, is a powerful coming-of-age record that delves into the themes of growth, self-discovery, and self-worth. Through a mix of heartfelt lyrics and a wide range of musical styles, Chloe takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, all centered around the concept of identity. It’s a reminder that we are the main characters in our own stories and should always prioritize what’s best for ourselves.

Albums | Island Moons Releases “Jupiter on a Key Ring”

Posted by on October 10, 2023

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic-induced lockdown, when the world was shrouded in eerie silence and uncertainty, the artist known as Island Moons found his creative spark. Formerly known as Brandon Harwood, this American singer-songwriter stumbled upon a moment of serendipity that would reshape his musical path forever. From the ashes of isolation, he emerged with a new voice, a new persona, and a new song that defies easy categorization – ‘Jupiter on a Key Ring.’

Island Moons’ musical journey took an unexpected turn when he discovered an unpublished manuscript by none other than the legendary William Blake during a recording session in upstate New York. This revelation birthed Island Moons and catapulted his songs into reality, infusing them with an unmistakable creative energy.