Albums | DLG. Levels Up on “OVER MY HEAD!”

Posted by on October 9, 2023

“OVER MY HEAD!” isn’t just another catchy song; it’s a reflection of tunnel vision on a goal and all the delightful chaos that comes with pursuing it, as DLG. himself describes it. The track is a testament to DLG.’s ability to create music that not only sounds good but also tells a story and connects with the listener on a deeper level. This track follows a string of captivating releases from DLG., including “KUNG FU” and “CLOSE ONE!” Ones to Watch notably called these tracks “effortlessly dancey” and “an excellent track to fall in love to,” and “OVER MY HEAD!” is no exception to this trend of infectious, danceable tunes. Check out the latest by DLG. above now!

Albums | BLENDIN’ERA Releases “When The World Is Running Down”

Posted by on October 9, 2023

BLENDIN’ERA’s latest single, “When The World Is Running Down” featuring Laura Lopez (aka LauRAW), along with the B-side “Good Times,” is a testament to their remarkable ability to create electronic music that transcends boundaries and offers a breath of fresh air to the music scene.

The collective, led by Rick T. (aka DJ Abstract), Castor Troy, and Rob Fischer, has brought together a diverse group of artists and producers from around the world to create a truly international music experience. “When The World Is Running Down” is a reimagining of The Police’s 1980s hit, and BLENDIN’ERA has seamlessly blended their expertly crafted electronic sounds with the powerful vocals of LauRAW, breathing new life into this beloved classic. The result is an uplifting track that radiates positivity and hope, making it a perfect choice for those seeking solace and musical transcendence in the midst of chaos.

Albums | Haan808 Unveils Addictive Anthem ‘I Ain’t Playin’

Posted by on October 9, 2023

New Zealand’s Haan808 continues to impress. With releases on Good Enuff, Monta, Quality Goods Records, and bitbird, the talented producer has been carving out his own lane with the backing of some of the best in the game. Marking his return to FUXWITHIT comes ‘I Ain’t Playin’ an addictive genre-blurring bop. The track follows his previous releases with the label including ‘Star Fire,’ ‘Stay With Me’ and ‘Main Phase.’

‘I Ain’t Playin’ is a groove-filled anthem that mixes elements of Haan808’s bass-leaning signature style with hints of UKG for a fresh feel. Built around an impassioned and addictive vocal loop, it creates an incredibly catchy feeling while delivering an emotional pull. The lyrics will be running through your head like an old flame. The introduction combines lush pads, crisp percussion, and airy synths for a dreamy vibe. Hitting listeners with a wild switch-up, the track ups its energy with dancey drum programming, pulsing low-end, ghostly vocal chops, and commanding melodies. Echoed vocals and empty space intensify the impact of the switches. Equally at home soundtracking a break-up or rattling dance floors, ‘I Ain’t Playin’ is an infectious anthem for any occasion. 

“After watching Skrillex, Four Tet & Fred again.. play they are set at Coachella live stream, all the songs had crazy switch ups and all the songs had such a groove to me. It also looked like they were just having a jam, nothing planned—big inspo for this song. I approached the song the same way. No intention just see what happens.  I enjoyed making something a bit more upbeat than usual. There is a lot of sound design in this track for me” – Haan808


Albums | Future house duo Electric Polar Bears drop Where We Started EP, with new single “Control”??

Posted by on October 7, 2023

Since releasing their first music in 2021 and playing their first show at Groove Cruise in 2017, future house duo Electric Polar Bears (who go by the names Zero and Snowball) have been on a constant upward trajectory. 

They established themselves in the dance music world with a unique mythology, claiming to have an Antarctic lab headquarters where they concoct perfect party-throwing strategies. They’ve fleshed-out this worldbuilding even further at their stand-out shows, where the polar bear-headed duo combine 3000 LED heads, powerful confetti cannons, dazzling lasers, frost machines, and a dedicated penguin parade backdropped by their vibrant, bouncy house beats.

As a result, the Electric Polar Bears’ infectious sound and magnetic performance style have led to collaborations with producers and vocalists such as Paris Hilton, Nitti Gritti, and TyDi; support from industry tastemakers like Afrojack, Alison Wonderland, Deorro, and Illenium; performances at festivals around the world including Decadence Arizona, Water Castle Carnival, and Global Dance Festival; and a showcase at Paris Hilton’s Neon Wedding.

Now, the duo unveils their Where We Started EP, a 3-track package that broadens their artistic scope and is an expression of their musical and philosophical sensibilities. 

Following their 2022 tour, the Electric Polar Bears found a renewed sense of purpose after connecting with their fans every night – an assortment of communal experiences that showed them the raw power of electronic music culture. From these moments, the duo decided to lean into their uplifting aesthetics, crafting a vintage house sound that’s filtered through a futuristic presentation.

The result of this approach is their new Where We Started EP, which, through its creative, euphoric mix of analog synths, drum machines, and contemporary digital softwares, pays homage to classic eras of dance music while simultaneously introducing audiences to new sounds. 

Fans got their first taste of the EP with self-titled track “Where We Started” – a euphoric cut with a groovy, head-spinning beat that transports listeners to the inception of Electric Polar Bears’ musical journey.

Next was, “Motion,” a vintage house cut incorporating nostalgic sound design imbued with shimmering, futuristic production. 

Today, Electric Polar Bears release “Control” as the final track on the EP. With its heart-pumping, bass-infused house beats and contagiously melodic chord progressions, the track is a perfect way to immerse listeners into the Electric Polar Bears world and evoke the feel-good vibes of their shows.

The track kicks off with an epic, cinematic orchestra hit before giving way to the song’s central melodic riff. Then, atmospheric claps, head-spinning risers, and stuttering drum percussion build into the song’s head-spinning, dance floor-igniting drop. 

With scintillating house hi-hats, deep bass synths, and thumping kickdrums, “Control” is an acute embodiment of Electric Polar Bears’ crowd-winning skillset. And as a track designed to kick off a set, the song is true to its name with its ability to effortlessly move an audience.

Albums | Multi-genre one-to-watch artist SANJAY unveils new single “New Roads”

Posted by on October 3, 2023

‘New Roads’ is the latest offering from multi-genre, emerging talent SANJAY, giving listeners another
teaser from his forthcoming debut album ‘Ancestral Visions’ released later this year. Landing on 18th
September, ‘New Roads’ is another sonic fusion of indie dance, highlighting the talents of the afro
ingenious Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Lavva. With SANJAY flexing his skills as a producer,
vocalist and playing the traditional Peruvian guitar, the charango; ‘New Roads’ is a captivating, genre-
fluid arrangement of introspective tones, resonant lyrics and gripping energy from start to finish.

Albums | The sound of pure joy, mixed in with a bit of nostalgia comes out via 44 Ardent’s “evergreen”

Posted by on October 1, 2023

Over the last few months, 44 Ardent has given us a tidy collection of five stand-alone singles that has had him experimenting with a variety of different sounds and ideas as he continues to explore ways to capture certain feelings or emotions within his production. He’s coming back to us this week with his next offering ‘evergreen’, which you can check out above and read more about below:

“evergreen’ is meant to sound like pure joy, mixed in with a bit of nostalgia. I wanted to capture the feeling of running around in the forest as a child, or going on a hike with your friends, or a road-trip to a quiet beach. This wasn’t actually the song I was planning to put out next, I only came up with the piano riff about a week ago. The rest of the song came so easily and naturally, so I decided to put it out straight away rather than spending ages agonising over tiny mix details. Sometimes it’s better to just go with your original idea rather than overthinking..” – 44 Ardent

Bass | Egzod Continues Massive Success With Epic Flip of Layto’s ‘Five4three2one’

Posted by on September 14, 2023

The art of remixing demands more than mere tweaks—it asks for a rebirth. Layto’s magnetic “Five4three2one” was already a musical pulse of its own. Yet, in the hands of the prodigious Egzod, it’s been transformed, echoing a new heartbeat, a new life.

Now, let’s frame this: Egzod, hailing from Portugal, nurtured in France, and blossoming in the US, isn’t just any remixer. His astounding achievement, gathering over 600 million streams since 2017, isn’t just an accolade; it’s a roaring testament to his electrifying touch.

Diving into the name—Egzod, a twist on the French “Exodus”, indicates more than just a departure; it signifies a pilgrimage. His remix of “Five4three2one” offers that deep bass punch, a future bass texture that’s both edgy and enveloping. It’s a merger, a dance, between Layto’s genius and Egzod’s distinct soundscape, echoing narratives from diverse global corners.

This isn’t mere music—it’s a statement, a revolution. Egzod crafts experiences, compelling listeners to not just hear, but to feel, think, and most importantly, journey.