Hip-Hop, Mixtapes, Rap | Bobby Capri – Lemonade (Mixtape)

Posted by on September 12, 2014

Bobby Capri - Lemonade (Mixtape) (Artwork)

Fueling my addiction for Virginia-based rap music is the new comer Bobby Capri. Although this project wasn’t even supposed to come out, I’m sure glad it did. There is an essence of old-school paired with contemporary rhyming to make for a very enjoyable project.

Virginia’s music scene is bubbling to say the least, so it will be exciting to see where Capri ends up within it all.

Chill, Hip-Hop | Peter $un – Casimiro

Posted by on August 17, 2014

It’s Sunday night, thus here I am scouring the Internet for new rap music to start my week off with. Deep within the abyss of the rap internet I was lucky enough to stumble upon Peter $un, a Virginia native who is looking to bring soul back to the forefront with his jazz-infused music.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to throw $un up beside Chance the Rapper. His brilliant use of trumpet, and the falsetto ad-lib at the exposition of the song are to thank for that. However, as Chance moves further and further in to left field, $un could prove to be the more commercially viable and enjoyable for a casual listener.

Just one short verse, Peter $un leave listeners wanted to hear more upon the conclusion of “Casimiro”. While $un works hard to find his voice and place in music, I assure you I’ll be anxiously waiting on this side with my headphones in and volume up.

Electro, Hip-Hop, Rap | Galimatias & Joppe – One Step Back (ft. GoldLink)

Posted by on February 13, 2014


After proving he could conquer a “typical” hip-hop beat, spitting atop Kendrick Lamar’s “The Heart Pt. 2”, GoldLink is back in his production wheelhouse with the dreamy-deephouse sounds of Galimatias and Joppe. The two Danish producers have been making music together for some time now, and luckily they connected with the Virginia native through the future production label, Soulection.

The song has already amassed an astounding twenty thousand plays in the first 24-hours, and shows no signs of slowing down! Although, “One Step Back” will not be a part of GoldLink’s upcoming project, The God Complex, it’s a very strong addition to his musical catalogue. Enjoy the free download and be on the look out for an official release date of The God Complex sometime next week.


Electro, Hip-Hop, Rap | BMB. – Playah (ft. GoldLink)

Posted by on December 2, 2013

BMB - GoldLink - Playah

After a straight month of recording, perfecting, and experimenting, we see GoldLink re-emerging from the woodworks. His latest offering, “Playah”, adds an entirely new dimension to the Virginia rapper’s persona. Not only does it detail the lifestyle of GoldLink growing up, but it also pushes forward a more socially conscious aspect of his music.

In a recent interview over at the Brightside Network, GoldLink said that “nobody is making moves like [him],” so be sure to stay tuned and see exactly what those moves might be.

Hip-Hop, Rap | Ace Cosgrove – Long Kiss of Death (ft. Uno Hype)

Posted by on November 3, 2013

uno hype lkod

The DMV is next up. We’ve seen cities emerge this past year and show off their stars, but really and truly, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia is blossoming with so much talent that it is becoming impossible to ignore. At the forefront of the movement is the Hostile Youth clan.

Today I bring to you an offering from two of the Hostile Youth members, Ace Cosgrove and Uno Hype. The duo delivers a eerie track with a hint of jazz, perfect for your post-halloween festivities. The song clocks in at only 2 minutes, meaning there will hopefully be plenty more collaboration in the near future.

Hip-Hop, Rap | Pusha T – Sweet Serenade (ft. Chris Brown)

Posted by on August 29, 2013

pushat sweet serenade

Here we have some brand new Pusha T, courtesy of his Soundcloud. Featuring Chris Brown, this song definitely has some radio potential. Both Chris and Pusha are Virginia natives, making the collaboration come naturally. Pusha’s new album My Name Is My Name will be in stores October, and “Sweet Serenade” definitely gives us some reason to look forward to it.

The song has a “ride-around” vibe and the full choir vocals used in the instrumental give the song an almost eery sound. Take a listen to the song below and for an in-depth look at what Pusha T is saying, check out the lyric breakdown on Rap Genius, here.

Hip-Hop, Rap | GoldLink – Electronic Relaxation (prod. Ta-Ku)

Posted by on August 8, 2013


Some of you may already be familiar with Virginia rapper, GoldLink, because of his previous track “They Don’t Like Me”, which was featured on FNT a few weeks back. However, if you are not yet “hip” to the spitter, have no fear. I couldn’t imagine a better introduction to GoldLink’s music than the versatile track “Electronic Relaxtion”.

The instrumental was constructed by chillwave producer, Ta-Ku, and despite the complexity of the beat, GoldLink manages to control his delivery and play off the intricacy to make an astounding sound. Although he’s still finding his stride within his music, the amount of raw talent and promise that spews out of every bar shows just how bright of a future that GoldLink has ahead of him.

Follow GoldLink on twitter to stay updated and grab the free download from Soundcloud below!