Progressive House, Videos | Axwell & Ingrosso Tease New Music At Governor’s Ball

Posted by on June 9, 2014


A set for the ages, Axwell & Ingrosso closed out Governor’s Ball last night opposite a much more mellow Vampire Weekend on the main stage. The duo were fully invested in their debut performance as Axwell ? Ingrosso, putting just about every other act to shame with their production, launching streamers, confetti, intense pyro and a full on fireworks display that lasted for a few minutes. They also played 6, yes 6 new tracks and two videos have surfaced on the web for you to get a taste of what is to come. Spoiler alert, I took them. Get a good listen now because these will be big, very big.

Photo Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/FilmMagic

Albums, Indie, Review | Bend – Riverfriend

Posted by on July 10, 2013

Yesterday, the indie synth-pop duo group Bend released their album, Riverfriend. The album is a dynamic range of electronic and natural sounds, each track contrasting the previous. There’s a perfect song for everyone on here. If you like Vampire Weekend, try “I’m Taking Care of Him.” Imogen Heap fan? Give “Riverfriend I” a go. Or maybe you’re a Motown, barbershop quartet kinda guy, in which case “Everyone” is all you. Don’t mind me though; I’ll be over in the corner dancing along to “No Space.”

This album makes great use of silence and minimalism (something we tend to forget about in the EDM world), showcasing the quirky vocals of Bend’s Sean Eads. As it turns out, Eads’ voice is the metaphorical commentary of Jacky Bryan. What is this Jacky Bryan you speak of, other than the 3rd track on the album, you may be asking? Well…

The album is an eclectic commentary on the ubiquitous feeling of not belonging, as told from the perspective of a mysterious space alien named Jacky Bryan.

You’ll find after giving the album a listen, you might be surprised by how much you connect with both the lyrics and the hardships of an extraterrestrial being. Maybe life on other planets isn’t such a distant concept. So, I’ll just leave that there, along with this video for “I’m Taking Care of Him,” a perfect visual pairing for the single. Enjoy!


Electronic, Indie | Bend – I’m Taking Care of Him

Posted by on April 19, 2013


So now that you’ve got the latest Daft Punk in your sweet possession, add this to your summer playlist in the making:

Meet Bend, an indie synth-pop duo outta Los Angeles who’s previous works prove their versatility on the indie electro front. Their newest single, “I’m Taking Care of Him,” feels a little like an electronic Vampire Weekend battling the AcaFellas over a beautiful grand Steinway piano. This song makes a perfect summer melody as I can just imagine myself listening to it on any occasion, be it on the beach, on a boat, or driving around with the windows down. Or floating in a sea of nebula, you know (see above).

This marks the first of 3 singles to be released until their full LP drops this June. So stay tuned!


Free Download: Bend – I’m Taking Care of Him