Chill | DIMES Transforms Satchmode’s “Further Away” Into A Superb House Experience

Posted by on January 13, 2016


With over a million plays on there Spotify alone, the band Satchmode made a quick mark, and continued to grow, in 2015. Their most recent release “Futher Away” is a unique mix of ambient-indie music at the tempo of traditional house music.

DIMES, who has been gaining support from the like of The Chainsmokers, Felix Cartel, and more. Transforms “Futher Away” into a sound that’s truly all its own. When compared with the original, its hard to imagine how DIMES got to the finished product, which is well-polished and has a great, stand-out melody.

Past FNT writers have also shared DIMES, click here to read more about him.


Posted by on April 10, 2015

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Just over a year old the Arizona based duo Focus Fire has caught the attention of the entire FNT team. For their latest track they’ve teamed up with the vocal group Sidekicks to give us a progressive house piece that is non-stop feel good from start to finish. The up beat tempo and absolutely killer vocals in “Follow You” make this song almost impossible too listen to without bobbing your head. These two may not be very well known for now, but with hits like this one, that is sure to change.

Free Download: Follow You

Future House | PINEO & LOEB’s Fresh Remix to a Cover of the Strokes – ‘Y.O.L.O.’

Posted by on December 19, 2014

>> LOEB:

This tune is pure artwork. It combines elements of film score and futuristic glitches – it has no set tempo. The fellas over at PINEO & LOEB have flipped a delicious cover of the original ‘Y.O.L.O.’ by the Strokes and this is addictive. Plug in some headphones for this one-way ticket into space and strap on a seatbelt, because some turns are just unpredictable.


Trap | Charlie Darker – Guns For Hire (NGHTMRE Remix)

Posted by on September 30, 2014

Charlie Darker - Guns For Hire (NGHTMRE Remix)
NGHTMRE, who you know is trill as f because he dropped the “i” and “a” in nightmare, has taken on Charlie Darker’s recent single “Guns For Hire”. NGHTMRE keeps the joyful lead from the original and plays with the drop elements, switching up the tempo and adding his own trapped out twist. All you have to do to grab the track is head to his Facebook page and follow him on Instagram which is probably filled with trill stuff like guns, gold chains, pics of him ghost riding whips and all sorts of other stuff.

Free Download: Charlie Darker – Guns For Hire (NGHTMRE Remix)

Electronic | No Limits – Another World

Posted by on June 18, 2014

No Limits - Another World

As I’ve touched upon before, usually once a day but sometimes twice, No Limits, an electronic duo from Akron, Ohio have an immense amount of talent. What is perhaps the most impressive about these guys is their versatility. They don’t stick to just one genre and each one they go to they excel in. Their latest original, “Another World”, is a mid-tempo electronic track. The vocals are surprisingly capable and are carried along by excellent drum work. There’s even some guitar throughout. No Limits are a couple of guys you should keep an eye on because, like the current economic and cultural issues facing Algeria, Africa’s largest country, there’s nothing but good on the horizon.

Free Download: No Limits – Another World

Chill, Electronic | DAILON – Trips (Ion The Prize Flip)

Posted by on January 28, 2014

Ion The Prize, from California, has put out a trippy remix of Dailon’s “Trips” for us today. He gave the song more of an upbeat feel than the original track, and made it sound a bit more complex. You can still hear the chord progression from the mellow original, but with new drum work and vocal samples. His take on the track lends way to a higher pitched melody and quicker tempo as well. The ambient piano section at the end is very pretty. Grab this one for free right off Soundcloud!

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Hip-Hop | Vic Mensa – Suitcase (ft. Chance The Rapper)

Posted by on December 8, 2013


Vic links up with Chance for this brand new track. The beat has a perfect tempo for both of their flows. Definitely going to be on repeat for a while. Make sure to check back later tonight for some Bieber X Chance at midnight.