Progressive House | Swede Dreams & Swanson ft. Jenny Mayhem – All Or Nothing

Posted by on June 9, 2014

Swede Dreams & Swanson ft. Jenny Mayhem - All Or Nothing

Since it’s a Monday night and we’re all tired, as well as there not being any progressive house posted here in quite some time (4 hours), I thought I would finally get around to posting some progressive house. Somebody has to do it. This track came out a week ago but for a variety of reasons I didn’t feel compelled enough to post it. That was a mistake and actually quite selfish of me because it is a pretty good song. It is a collaboration between Swanson, an Australian producer who you should be familiar with if you have been following FNT for any significant length of time and Swede Dreams, a 15 and 18 year old duo from Edmonton, Canada. Even though Swede Dreams produce big room exclusively, this song is not at all big room and more along the lines of the usual progressive house sound that Swanson produces.

Free Download: Swede Dreams & Swanson ft. Jenny Mayhem – All Or Nothing

Electro, Girl Fire, House | Avicii – Sweet Dreams | BANGER

Posted by on January 31, 2011

I have been waiting for the HQ version of this track for FOREVER. This song is an absolute must have people, stop reading this and start downloading it. (note: the second two are both the same I think Avicii’s promo team messed up…)

DOWNLOAD: Avicii – Sweet Dreams (Avicii Swede Dreams Mix)

DOWNLOAD: Avicii – Sweet Dreams (Avicii Swede Dub Mix)

DOWNLOAD: Avicii – Sweet Dreams (Avicii Sweeder Dreams Mix)

Electro, House | HOUSE | Avicii Update

Posted by on January 15, 2011

Neither of these Avicii songs have been officially released yet so I had to rip these off the essential mix that JewcieCat posted here. Swede Dreams is a bannggerrrrr I can’t wait for the 320 version to drop on beatport so I can hear it on some loud bass thumping heart stopping speakers. Shouts to our huge FNT fan, J-Pat, who got to see Avicii live for NYE. Bastard.

DOWNLOAD: Avicii – Swede Dreams (Original Mix)BANGER! (previously posted but this is a higher quality rip)

DOWNLOAD: Tim Berg – Before This Night Is Through (Bad Things)