Electro-House, House | Deadmau5 – Strobe (Prince Fox 15K Stock Edit Pack)

Posted by on August 26, 2014

Deadmau5 - Strobe (Prince Fox remix)

Prince Fox has been slaying the game recently, and everyone’s been wondering where are all the dope edits he’s been playing on his sets??! Well, to celebrate his recent recognition from fans and the industry, Prince Fox is releasing a “private stock” edit pack for free download to give back. ‘Strobe’ has always been a top favorite of mine since it was reworked by MOTM back in ’10 so it only seems right to share this find with you all. If you love this edit, get the rest of his stock pack for free here.

House | Extacy Beats- Rhino (Original Mix)

Posted by on July 3, 2012

This song is straight fire from start to finish, if you were wanting the opportunity to stop and breathe then go outside and take a lap. This is the anthem for a straight rage with glitter, strobe lights, unicorns and midgets on trapezes. It is the anthem for thinking that adderall was tylenol and then crushing it at the gym. It is the anthem for getting pulled over because you were thinking you were in a car chase. Proceed with Caution.

Dubstep | Ephixa, Feed Me, and Adam Day | Dubstep

Posted by on March 3, 2011

This video is hilarious and the dubstep is actually pretty good.

DOWNLOAD: Ephixa – Charlie Sheen

This is by far one of the most INCREDIBLE remixes I have ever heard by Feed Me or any other dubstep artist. There is just the most INSANE beat with some of the HOTTEST vocals ever to be compiled into one track. WOW.

DOWNLOAD: Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix)MUST DOWNLOAD

“Strobe” is by far one of my favorite Deadmau5 tracks. I have heard plenty of remixes of this song, none of which blew me away like this one did. If this track were a steroid I would already be more jacked than Arnold Schwarzenegger when he won Mr. Olympia.

DOWNLOAD: Deadmau5 – Strobe (Adam Day Remix) – YOURE CRAZY IF YOU DON’T DL NOW


Albums | Lupe, 50 Cent & more | Hip Hop

Posted by on February 20, 2011

Here are the visuals to Kanye’s All of the Lights, directed by Hype Williams. I was a bit let down by this video. I would of liked to see more of CuDi, and less strobe lights. Don’t watch the video if you have epilepsy…. no, seriously. Anyway below are a batch of new freestyles released by Lupe.

DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco ft. Sway – Monster (Freestyle)

DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco – Fire Flame (Freestyle)

DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco – Girls (Freestyle)


DOWNLOAD: 50 Cent – When I Come Back (Freestyle)

DOWNLOAD: Josh Cocktail ft. Mike Stud – Are You Ready

Electro, Hip-Hop | ELECTRO HIP-HOP | 90’s Finest remixes Strobe, Bromance, and More

Posted by on December 19, 2010

This video is too good, Geico needs to buy the rights to this material. The original line up of cars is at least 6 deep and to really f*ck everyones day up this enormous plow truck comes in steammminggg making this the equivalent to a 16 car accident. Anyways on to the post… Strobe and Bromance? Doesnt get much better than that and even though some of the verses seem overly auto-tuned, I can get past it. I can also get past the blatant rips off Sam Adams tracks. In fact I’m not just past all these things, I actually like this group. If you’re looking for some new renditions to the classic tracks 90’s Finest remixed give these an ear…

90’s Finest – Seek — Bromance Remix

90’s Finest – Strobe

90’s Finest – Younger than me — Cooler Than Me Remix

90’s Finest – Recluse